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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/22/11

Tuesday 2/22/11

Episode: 2877

Location: Studio

The Mix: “No.” – Rick Carlisle

The Open: AM Radio. Washington is the most common black surname out there. Thanks for that fact, Donovan Lewis-Washington. Argument ensues over whether or not McDonald’s fries or grills their burgers. Soooooo. Canada redux with a “Gay Not Gay” tinge: There is a Calgary radio show, hosted by Mike Richards, which started doing “Gay Not Gay” after he heard it on BaD Radio while visiting a friend in Dallas. While in Calgary, Bob and Dan sought to seek out Mike Richards; turns out he is no longer there. Bob saw on Canadian SportsCentre that they were doing a story on Mike Richards and his move from Calgary to become a host for TSN Radio. He refers to himself as the Howard Stern of sports radio. Prepare for an Anchorman-esque fight in the future. “This escalated quickly.”

12:35 – Carmelo Anthony Trade: Last night, word came down that the Knicks acquired ‘Melo from the Nuggets. Check out the details of the 14 player swap here. Denver was forced to make a deal or else lose ‘Melo to free agency in the summer; they did fairly well for themselves, compared to what happened to Cleveland and LeBron. New Jersey struck out on this deal and it’s starting to look like Jay-Z doesn’t have the appeal to players that most thought he would. Rumors are out there that last year Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul got together and said they wanted to play together in New York. They’re 2/3 of the way there. That’s just the way basketball go these days. An NBA franchise tag could be added in the next CBA meetings; this is one way to keep the smaller markets alive.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay to post a plaster mold of a girl’s torso in her third trimester of pregnancy on Facebook? Yes it is, but it’s a girl. While going on a bike ride in Vancouver, Bob and Donovan were presented with 2 helmets, a purple and a pink one. Donovan immediately grabbed the purple helmet. Is it gay to plan the bike ride? Dan says yes. Sorry, Bob. Is it gay to text your buddy in the morning to make sure you’re not wearing the same color shirt? Yes. Is it gay to get a Miller Light airbrush tattoo on your wrist, while in a bar? Yes. Tom has one (a gay not gay, not an airbrush tattoo). While on the Stars plane, Tom saw a player wearing leopard print slippers while sleeping. No ruling. Is it gay to rock the silk boxers on a regular basis? They’re ok, on occasion.

1:15 – Dallas Stars Trade: Yesterday, the Stars made a trade that sent Matt Niskanen and James Neal to Pittsburgh for a puck moving defenseman, Alex Goligoski. Joe Nieuwendyk seems to be able to operate without raising a lot of eyebrows before the deal is done; also, it’s a good sign that the Stars, given their current ownership problems, are able to still make deals. James Neal needed to be moved and the Stars needed a guy who wasn’t making a ton of money; Goligoski fits the criteria, plus he’s only 25. Bob compares Niskanen to Bobby Carpenter; someone who has all the tools but seems to shy away from contact in a contact sport and gets “deer in the headlight” eyes.

1:40 – More Stars Talk: People who are very familiar with the Penguins say that Goligoski can come in and be a number one defenseman. At a national level, many believe that the Penguins pulled one over on Dallas by getting Niskanen thrown in the deal. Regardless, it’s too early to tell who the big winner in the trade is. The next question that Nieuwendyk and the front office are faced with is whether or not to sign Brad Richards or trade him to get a bunch of young talent. If you get an owner in here who is ready to build quick; re-sign Richards. There is really no reason for him to stay in Dallas if they don’t have an owner. Audio of the segment here.

2:00 – 127 Hours Review: Bob finally saw 127 Hours, the story of Aron Ralston who was trapped in the desert and was forced to cut his arm off. Directed by Danny Boyle, of Slumdog Millionaire fame, the fast paced cinematography and soundtrack make up for a story that is very straightforward and solitary. Check it out before Oscar time.

2:20 – News News News: Dan, like Bob, has a “Super Bowl” trick. He claims that he can name all 30 NBA coaches. And he can. *SNIFF*. Bryant McKinnie, Minnesota Vikings Tackle who is famous for orchestrating the “Love Boat”, is back in the news after spending $100K on an All-Star game party for his bar tab alone. Marquis Daniels hypothetical, anyone?

2:40 – Evan Grant from Surprise: CJ Wilson is going to be the Opening Day starter; it’s odd for the Rangers to have a defined opening day starter before exhibition games even start. Before spring training is over, Evan expects Nelson Cruz to get a big contract extension. Neftali Feliz as a starter; Evan believes that both Neftali and management want him to become a front line starter. He is going to have to show, like CJ Wilson did, that he can show command of his second and third pitches.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1732, George Washington was born. Mike knew Washington would be President when he was born. In 1980, The Miracle of Ice happened. Happy Birthday to Gilbert Brown, Mark Chmura, Michael Chang, Dr. J, Vijay Singh, Brent Severyn, Frank Bonner, Drew Barrymore, Rachel Dratch and Kyle McLaughlin. Spares are Tommy Aaron, Chris Dudley, Adam Keefe, Aaron Gavey, Max Lang and Chet Walker. RIP to Sparky Anderson, Bugsy Segel and Reggie Roby.

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