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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/14/11

Monday 2/13/11

Episode: 2871

Location: Studio

The Mix: A special 10 to 1 show of BaD Radio today as they prepare for their Canadian road trip with the Dallas Stars. Norm is on vacation filming a remake of Wild Orchid and Gordo does a pretty high-pitched Dan impression.

The Open: Happy Valentine’s Day. Always take love advice from Mike Leach. Always. Donovan is ready to go to Canada, his self-proclaimed motherland.

10:15 – Pre-Canada Talk: The weather is going to be cold in Canada. Shocker. Talk quickly transitions to High Definition TV talk with Dan being amazed that every restaurant is covered in flat-screens. BaD Radio, over the past 6 years, has gone on the road with the Dallas Stars through different parts of the country. Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are the destinations this year. Low temperatures in Edmonton this week will be in the negatives. More weather talk. Bits lined up for the road trip: Norm’s Book of Poetry. “Tomorrow is a long way off, but yesterday is farther.” (That’s one of his poems). Dan will try to get some Dallas Stars to read from Norm’s Book. Another bit, trying get people to say “aggressive” or “aggressiveness”. Canada on Texas, Dan wants see what Canadians think of Texas. Many people think Stars’ coach, Mark Crawford, sounds like Grizzly Man; the guys will try to get Crawford to read a transcript of Grizzly Man.

10:40 – Texas Rangers: With the Rangers on the verge of starting Spring Training, everyone is trying to get a grasp on how well the team is constructed and prepared to repeat as American League Champions. Meanwhile, this video of a young Rangers/Michael Young fan is going viral.

10:50 – Mavericks Talk: After wetting your appetite with Rangers talk, Dan wants to jump over to some Mavs discussion. Dan gets the feeling that fans, media and all related parties think Beaubois’ return will make the Mavs so much better and puts them over the edge as a contender. It seems like his legend is growing the longer he stays out of the lineup; there’s really no way he can live up to the high expectations that have been unwarrantedly assigned to him. Bob notes that there is a tendency for fans and the media to associate a losing streak or bad luck on an injury; thus increasing the perceived value of the injured player. That seems to be the case with Roddy B; it’s a high possibility that the Mavericks would have the same record if he had been healthy all year.

11:15 – NFL Talk: Bob claims Clay Matthews wasn’t the reason he watched the Grammys. Keeping with the theme of football, the owners always win when it comes to CBA dealings. Too many players to keep on the same page, too many wives wanting their husbands to just get paid because the average career length of a player is only 4 years; it all adds up to the players just agreeing on what the owners decide. The players don’t get paid if they don’t play. It’s hard for the players to have a leg to stand on when it comes to negotiating when they were already happy with the deal that in place. The owners are the only ones who want any change. Basically, the owners are bullies.

11:35 – Shawn Ryan: Acclaimed writer of The Shield, Shawn Ryan, stops down to talk with Bob and Dan. Now that he is running The Chicago Code, Bob and Dan show some concern about a gritty cop show being on Fox as opposed to FX. There are certain things that you can’t get away with on network TV; Shawn says that you can still have good character development on network TV and most of the time, the characters end up being a little more heroic because you can’t get away with showing some of the seedier parts of their lives. Bob finds out that Shawn is a die-hard Chicago fan and thus, hates the Green Bay Packers; but he doesn’t hate Packers fans. Dan wants to get back to The Shield talk and he is amazed that Shawn was able to write Michael Chicklis’ character, Vic Mackey, into a likeable character. Sorry about Aaron Rodgers.

12:00 – Mini Open: Move aside Seinfeld, here comes Gribble! When you buy a mini giraffe, you get a free subscription to Society Life magazine. According to the US Census Bureau, Westlake is the most affluent community in America with an average income of $250K. Residents include, Josh Hamilton, KJ Choi, the Jonas Brothers, Vernon Wells, and the acclaimed Westlake Academy. Now you know why Sean Payton wants to move his family there.

12:15 – Dirk on the Cleveland Show: Dirk Nowitzki as well as Steve Nash, Keven Garnett, Shaq and LeBron James made a special NBA All-Star game appearance on The Cleveland Show. Check out the Dirk appearance and some behind the scenes coverage here. You can watch the whole episode for free here. Look forward to the mob of midgets getting into a fight with the NBA stars. Also, here’s Dirk on Punk’d.

1:40 – Grammy Game Show: “Who the Hell Did They Thank First?”

Pop Performance by a Duo/Group: Train.

God, Justin Bieber, The Grammy Academy, The Fans. Dan: Justin Bieber. Bob: The Fans. Dan 1 Bob 0.

Pop Vocal Album: Lady Gaga.

God, The Fans, Record Label, The Devil. Dan: Record Label. Bob: The Fans. Dan 1 Bob 1.

Album of the Year: Lady Antebellum – Their 2nd win.

God, Country Music, Family, No-name Producer. Dan: Family. Bob: Country Music. Dan 1 Bob 1.

Best New Artist: Esperanza Spalding.

God, The Academy, Her Boyfriend, The Other Nominees. Dan: Boyfriend. Bob: The Academy. Dan 1 Bob 2.

Rap Album: Eminem.

God, City of Detroit, Producers on his Album, Pot. Dan: Producers. Bob: Detroit. Dan 2 Bob 2.

Record of the Year: Arcade Fire.

No one, Montreal, All the Ladies, Record Label. Dan: Montreal. Bob: All the Ladies. Dan 3 Bob 2.

Dan wins this time! He’d like to thank all the ladies!

1:00 – Mix with John Rhadigan and Mike Sirois: With John Rhadigan being named the new voice of the Texas Rangers, get ready for 2 hours of Rangers talk and a drop in the noon to 3 ratings for today.

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