Friday, February 11, 2011

Jaws Review

Jaws Review

The 1975 classic Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg. I don't doubt that this film was a classic...back in '75, and I'm sure 12 or 13 year old Donovan would have been absolutely terrified of that Great White Shark, but almost 40-year old Donovan found it to be a bit bland. The parts that were supposed to bring fear brought laughter, and I don't think that was what Spielberg was looking for. After two deaths in less than a week, it's hard for me to imagine that it would take an old, overweight dude to get in the water for EVERYONE to then decide to join him. They had the money already with the people there, whether they swim or not. I know, I know it's a movie, but I need good reason to see all the white people get eaten alive. The part with Quint, Brody and Dreyfuss(I don't remember his character's name), took FOREVER! Did they show them catching that Shark in real time? I need a little more Mrs. Brody(who was quite '70's white girl hot!) He caught that and the shark? He's a lot better Chief than I thought. He was a little soft, Quint was a little too macho tough, and we only had a black person count of 4. You know how many people they needed for this movie and the count is 4? I can't believe I saw this during black history month, my eyes started to burn. Not really, but I wish I would have seen this one earlier in my life because I think I would have appreciated it more then than now. Saying all that, it's at the bottom of my review list, but I didn't hate it...just didn't get it. Braveheart is next, and I can't wait!

The Rankings:
1. Godfather
2. Goodfellas
3. Gladiator
4. Fargo
5. Wayne's World
6. Breakfast Club
7. 16 Candles
8. Fight Club
9. Jaws
10. Top Gun
11. Caddyshack
12. Spinal Tap


Brad C said...

and this is why you're not a movie critic.

android841 said...

How about trying some foreign movies?