Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Email Bag: History of the Coordinators


Now, that we are into the off-season, let's periodically attend to some of the assignments that you the reader have suggested. I can't promise that I can do these all of the time, but let's grab one every now and then and maybe some of you will want to print and save these for your own personal reference:

Today's Email Query:

Hey Bob,

With Rob Ryan taking the Defensive Coordinator job, could you run down the chronology of the DC job here going back to Jimmy?

Thank You!


Not a bad idea, Doug. Let me do you one better and make a chart here of Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Defensive Coordinator going back to the day Jerry Jones bought the team before the 1989 season.

Year RecordHead CoachOffensive CoordinatorDefensive Coordinator
1989 1-15JohnsonShulaWannstedt
1990 7-9JohnsonShulaWannstedt
1991 11-5JohnsonTurnerWannstedt
1992 13-3JohnsonTurnerWannstedt
1993 12-4JohnsonTurnerDavis
1994 12-4SwitzerZampeseDavis
1995 12-4SwitzerZampeseCampo
1996 10-6SwitzerZampeseCampo
1997 6-10SwitzerZampeseCampo
1998 10-6GaileyGaileyCampo
1999 8-8GaileyGaileyCampo
2000 5-11CampoReillyZimmer
2001 5-11CampoReillyZimmer
2002 5-11CampoCoslettZimmer
2003 10-6ParcellsCarthonZimmer
2004 6-10ParcellsCarthonZimmer
2005 9-7ParcellsPaytonZimmer
2006 9-7ParcellsSparanoZimmer
2007 13-3PhillipsGarrettStewart
2008 9-7PhillipsGarrettStewart/Phillips
2009 11-5PhillipsGarrettPhillips
2010 6-10Phillips/GarrettGarrettPhillips/Pasqualoni

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A couple thoughts from me from this project.

How did I totally forget about Jack Reilly? Mike Zimmer was the most stable in either spot, it appears - and remember, he stayed through the transition from 4-3 to 3-4 under Bill Parcells. Also, there were a few guys who had the title on their door, but never coordinated anything it seems (Maurice Carthon). And when the Cowboys are good, the coordinator is a great way to get a HC job elsewhere with Dave Wannstedt, Norv Turner, Sean Payton, and Tony Sparano.

Interesting timeline. Thanks, Doug.

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