Thursday, February 17, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 2/17/11

Thursday 2/17/11

Episode: 2874

Location: Alberta

The Mix: Dan hasn’t missed a second of Stars hockey in 8 years… And Rhads is losing his voice after 3 days on the air; this doesn’t bode well for the 162 game Rangers schedule.

The Open: Dan sleeps in the nude and for this floor right here I went with the Bolivian Wormwood. The guys spend about 10 minutes trying to name the 10 Provinces and 3 Territories of Canada. Yup. Canada is definitely rubbing off on them. An update on Dan’s hotel room-Larry David-blinking and beeping crosswalk outside the window story, he bought an adult film on the pay per view because he didn’t have internet. $16.99 for Eskimo Porn. “Title Not Listed” showed up on the bill; that’s even worse than having the title listed. Now the lady behind the desk’s imagination jumps straight to the weirdest title. Thus is the life of Dan. Also, they say some nice things about Tom.

12:40 – Canada Stories: The guys rave about the atmosphere of hockey in Calgary; it’s an all encompassing experience. Bob was asked last night if he thinks the Stars will make the playoffs; the short answer, “I don’t like what I’m seeing right now”. Sometimes trying as hard as you can isn’t good enough and the Stars seem to be living that. If the playoffs started today, they would be in; but the recent slide is not boding well for the future.

12:55 – Ted Thompson: Former SMU Mustang and current GM of the Green Bay Packers joins BaD Radio. Post-Super Bowl, they were back at work looking at combine reports on the following Tuesday. There is no rest for a GM. Bob humbly apologizes for the criticism of Ted in the past; as a GM, Ted constantly reminds himself that the fans who criticize are usually the ones who care the most. Bob is curious if Ted Thompson got a chance to see the 30 for 30 covering SMU, he hasn’t seen it.

1:15 – Homer Call: A special Jack Edwards Edition of Homer Call to fill in the gap between the end of the Homer Call Playoffs and the Homer Call Super Bowl. A former SportsCenter anchor turned Boston Bruins announcer and a major homer. Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3.

1:45 – Bonus Ralph Strangis: Ralph’s 5 places every hockey fan should go: Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver (more for the city rather than the stadium) and San Jose. Dan thinks the U.S. should be able pick and choose what parts of Canada it wants, Vancouver being one of them.

1:55 – Joe Nieuwendyk: The Stars GM joins his favorite radio hosts that get to go on a road trip with the team that he is the General Manager of. Unfortunately, my internet stream went out so I can’t expand any further. Just a guess, he probably wants the Stars to continue playing hard and injuries have been a problem.

2:20 – More Ralph: Ralph re-joins the show again and talks about the horrible placement of the press box at the AAC; it’s hard to do hockey play-by-play from 200 feet away. Dan and Donnie were roaming around the stadium last night and ran into some drunken girls. They think that Dan is sexy and Donnie is from Arkansas and think that Canada is the best country because they don’t have war or the Dallas Stars.

2:40 – Ralph Sticks Around: Donovan has never seen “Slapshot” and Dan is trying to get a copy of it tonight so Donnie can give a movie review tomorrow. “Slapshot” is funny but it’s not timeless funny, IMHO. Ralph saw Jaws 22 times in the theater, without drugs. Ralph was with Minnesota when they moved to Dallas and like Art Modell, Norm Green is hated in Minnesota. Because Ralphie didn’t have a large role with Minnesota, he’s not as hated in that area.

3:00 – WTDS: Argument ensues about the greatness of the Vancouver night-life. On this day in 1865, Columbia, South Carolina burned as Union forces took over. Happy Birthday to Sean Bass, Jim Brown, Michael Jordan, Dennis Green, Brothers Bangin’, Tommy Moe, Buddy Ryan,

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Wes Bullard

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