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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/10/11

Thursday 2/10/11

Episode: 2869

Location: Studio

The Mix: Brazil is fast becoming the top economy in the world; their export of Chiclets is second to none. Norm is going to punish some Brazilians with love making on his upcoming trip.

The Open: Listen to Bob’s exaltation of pure joy in a Double Rainbow-esque moment on this video that his wife took at Super Bowl 45 of the final play. Yes, it is a video of the video board. Give her a break.

12:35 – Sean Payton: Just so you know, if your computer has a virus and it sends an email to Dan, don’t send him another email saying you’re sorry but your computer had a virus. That’s just more emails for him to delete. Now to the rumor, it’s floating around out in the mediasphere that Sean Payton is being hired as the GM of the Cowboys. It all started when he was shopping for a house in Dallas; turns out he’s just moving his family back here. Still, that seems odd that a Head Coach is moving his family out of the city in which he coaches; even more so seeing as though it’s New Orleans and he is such a huge part of that city. He apparently asked the Saints if he could maintain his residence in Dallas, but the Saints thought it would be better for the community if he was in New Orleans. He’s getting some backlash from New Orleans. Here’s an article about it.

1:00 – Homer Call: In this edition of Homer Call, the top two vote-getters will move on to the Finals to join the other four already in. The Finals will be held two weeks from today, with next week being the Pro Bowl of Homer Call. This call from Arkansas high school football overwhelmingly moves on. As well as this high school soccer call from Jesuit. High School broadcasters bring the noise.

Breaking News: Josh Hamilton has reportedly signed a 2 year contract for $24 million. He’ll be here through 2012.

1:20 – Chris Arnold/Prince Concert SNAFU: Over Super Bowl weekend, Prince was scheduled to perform in a tent where Reunion Arena used to be. Because of weather it was moved to the Intercontinental Hotel; well, the concert never happened and emcee and promoter, Chris Arnold (the Ticket’s own), spearheaded the whole thing. There is still a cloud of mystery as to why Prince didn’t play. Some are saying he never showed up to Dallas; some are saying that he was at the hotel but did not get paid his $1.5 million up front. Check out this article.

1:40 – More Former Ticket Personalities in the News: The news surrounding Mayor Pro Tem, Dwaine Caraway, has taken over the local and national news cycle. Richard Hunter got pushed away from Michael Vick by his entourage at the ceremony after he tried to confront Vick. He also showed up at City Hall to confront Caraway. Hunter rescued one of Vick’s former “bait dogs”. Check out the video.

2:00 – NFL Talk: Since Aikman, the Dallas Cowboys have had 13 quarterbacks start a game. Conversely, the Green Bay Packers had lightning strike twice with Brett Favre and now Aaron Rodgers. They went from one Super Bowl winning QB to another Super Bowl winning QB with no one in between; a very rare feat in the NFL. Some other similar correlations: the Chicago Bears Middle Linebackers (Butkus, Dent, Urlacher), Los Angeles Lakers Centers (Wilt, Kareem, Shaq). It just seems odd that certain teams seem to be able to replace Hall of Famers with Hall of Famers at the same position.

2:25 – Donovan’s Movie Review: “Jaws” is the movie de jour as Donovan continues his series of “Movies White People Love”. 9 out of 10 people on IMDB rate “Jaws” the #1 Steven Spielberg of all time. Donovan is obviously that person. He says it might be better if he saw it in 1975, but this movie had major “meh-factor”. He thinks the fact the Chief Brody was a grade-A punk until the shark was about to eat his ass, was too absurd. He ranks it worse than “Fight Club”; it is 9th of 12 movies he’s watched. The next movie on his plate is “Braveheart”; he HAS to like “Braveheart”.

2:40 – Quick Hits: Bob is amazed at the amount of backlash Donovan gets for his movie reviews. Let it be known that Donovan does not only watch Tyler Perry movies. In other news, Jerry Sloan is out as the coach of the Utah Jazz, ending the run of the longest tenured coach in the NBA. With Jeff Fisher leaving the Titans in the NFL, the top guys in each league are now done. Tony LaRussa, the St. Louis Cardinals Manager, is now the longest tenured coach of the four professional leagues.

3:00 – WTDS: Consensus is that Donovan would like “Jaws” more if Chris Tucker was the voice of the shark and it was a Great Black Shark. In 1981, the Las Vegas Hilton hotel was set ablaze by a cook. Happy Birthday to Lenny Dykstra, Darryl “Moose” Johnston, Greg Norman, Mark Spitz, Front Desk Lisa, Yin-Yang and the Oriental Gang Bang, Vinny Thompson, Elizabeth Banks and Laura Dern. Spares are Ally Sherman, Dennis Gentry, Wayne Gandy, Lenny Webster and Jayhawk Owens. RIP to Roy Scheider.

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