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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/1/11

Tuesday 2/1/11

Episode: 2863

Location: Live from Media Day at Cowboys Stadium

This is a special Media Day edition of the BaD Radio Show Recap.

10:00 – 11:00 Packers Media Hour:

Darren Colledge: Packers guard from Alaska. Says his beard helps him stay healthy in the cold.

Jeremy: SKY Sports reporter from West London. Bob talks some soccer with this guy, naturally.

Super Bowl Wayne: Some weird guy from Hawaii who sounds like he’s been mainlining coffee since 5:00 AM. He’s got a ponytail with as much hair on the top of his head as Bob. He’s got chocolate covered coconut things.

Some Dude carrying a guitar: Maybe he’s lost, maybe he’s trying to take over the Sports Fiddler’s job.

James Lofton: Bob remembers when James Lofton’s yellow helmet was the only one he’d see at the Pro Bowl. Back in his day, they had to take a boat to Hawaii. Back in the 80s, when the Packers weren’t very good, one of the things they were proud of was the occasional cheap shot on the Bears. They reminisce about the Charlie Martin hit on Jim McMahon. 3:10 Mark.

Donald Driver: He can hardly talk because he’s shaking. The Packers have to remain consistent and play as one, unity. Generic answers. Donovan gives yells out his fraternity call signs to Donald, his frat brother; he gave Donovan the frat hand sign. It doesn’t play to well on radio.

Some Guy wearing leopard skin pajamas: He’s claiming he’s going to get naked, this guy starts channeling his inner Lombardi, “Run the freakin’ sweep”. I wonder how much acid this guy has done? He built an igloo this morning.

Some Inez Sainz humor: “De weader now id purfik.”

T.J. Lang: The Detroit native was hoping to come down here and get a tan. He hates liver and Julius Peppers. He has some ink. Bob shows him his Packers tattoo; whatever will Bob do him he get’s traded in free agency?

Wayne Laramie: The voice of the Green Bay Packers. He’s not the guy with the crooked finger. Dan is a fan of Wayne’s “Dagger in the 2nd Quarter versus the Cowboys”. Saying “Dagger” is his thing, like yelling is Gilbert Gottfried’s thing.

“This is John Kuhn and I never listen to BaD Radio on 1310 The Ticket”

TV’s Joe Trahan: “Dan has no idea how to put a dimple in a tie”.

Now to “Normal” Programming.

The Open: Oh stewardess, I speak Jive. The Musers join the show, eating some of Super Bowl Wayne’s goodies. Day 22 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. A word of advice from Bad Weather Driving FIGJAM Bob, speed is your friend when driving in snow and ice. Dan tips his cap to terrorists who can get past security at the Super Bowl. Hannah Storm is Super Bowl hot.

Darren Woodson: He’s heard Dan’s voice many times but this is his first time to see him. He’s disappointed. In ’92 he was alone on the podium for media day but in ’93 he got his own booth; now he’s on ESPN constantly. Bob wants to talk some Safety with the great Darren Woodson, it seems like all elite teams have an elite safety. You have to have a safety that can blitz, run stop, cover on the edge and cover over the middle. The 2 Super Bowl teams averaged at least 10 defensive back blitzes per game, the Cowboys averaged around 3. Darren can’t believe Deion’s toe looks the way it does. The team that can keep their routine as close to normal as possible during Super Bowl week has the best chance of winning.

12:00 – 1:00 Steelers Media Hour:

Brett Keisel and his Beard: “The beard has taken on a whole new life”.

“We’re looking a live coverage of Flozell Adams not wearing a cup”. – Dan

“I hate to say it, but they all look alike”. – Bob

Casey Hampton: Dan asks, “How much do you weigh?” Casey replies, “We don’t discuss weight, we just go with the flow”. “Why are you asking me questions about my weight?” “I’m sensitive about these things”. Well done Dan.

William Gay: This is his first time in Dallas and in the Stadjum. His take on the Death Star, “You have to put your money where yo mouf is”.

James Farrior: He’s wearing sunglasses and is not homegrown.

Some New York Chick: She thinks it’ll be snowy next year in New York for the Super Bowl.

Chris Scott: Dan, “Is that real hair?” Dan then asks him if he’s seen “Good Hair”.

Jay Glazer: The craziest thing he’s seen all Media Day is Ines Sainz interviewing people in a club dress. He likes Media Day for the freak show. Corby has a bet going that Jay doesn’t have real bald head. He could grow a Chia Pet. When he went to FOX, they wouldn’t let Jay continue with his MMA career. He says John Clayton got him into MMA, sarcasm. He thinks Herschel Walker is constructing his MMA career the right way. He’s short.

Tom attempts to write a Scoops Callahan script in 2 minutes.

Tony Hills: He refuses to freestyle on media day.

NFL Security is confronting Dan asking for his credentials. His mic is registered with the NFL, yet he is being told to lose the mic. A media Tug-O-War is underway.

TV’s Deion Sanders: He can’t talk because he’s on the clock with the NFL Network so Dan is just going to watch him work. Ben says Deion’s old media day clips are funny. Ben is trying to go to Oklahoma on Saturday to see his sister play some sport.

Media Day is now over.

Listen to BaD Radio everyday from 12 – 3pm on Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket. I do, and I has opulence.

Wes Bullard

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