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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/9/11

Wednesday 2/9/11

Episode: 2868

Location: Studio

The Mix: A Norm heavy mix with the boys from BaD Radio, so here are some GIFs of soccer star El Hadji Diouf. Unlike the mix, it made me laugh.

The Open: Eating humans is a last resort, not a first resort when stranded on the side of the road. On that note, Dan shook off the catcher and drove into work on his own. That’s the last talk of weather I will report on here today. Here’s a bonus Gay not Gay regarding Channel 8’s Craig Civale and his earmuffs on tv. Bob, being a former Northerner, informs us that earmuffs are reserved for the snow bunnies. What do you think?

12:40 – Luck in the NFL: If the Giants held on to the 31-10 lead against the Eagles – the Desean Jackson punt return game – the Packers do not make the playoffs. Also, by Detroit winning their first road game in 25 attempts, Tampa Bay was eliminated and allowed Green Bay to be in the playoffs. On the other hand, Green Bay never trailed by more than 7 points in any game this season, so it could be argued that Green Bay was not your typical 6 seed. So much that happens on the field is earned, but an equal amount is pure chance.

1:00 – TiVo Talk: Donovan gave Matt LeBlanc’s new show “Episodes” a try and thinks it is pretty bad. They pretty much mailed in the title. Karl Pilkington, from “The Ricky Gervais Show”, has his own show on the Science Channel titled “An Idiot Abroad”. Check it out. Dan reviews “The Chicago Code”, he claims it’s a little over the top and cliché; but in all reality, his bar is set way too high when it comes to cop shows with The Wire and The Shield being the top of the tier. It’s decent, but it’s still a network tv show. And then there is this video of The Today Show wondering what the internet is. This was from 1994.

1:20 – Michael Young Fiasco: Everyone is now aware of how Michael Young has gone back on what he said a few months ago and is now demanding a trade. The problem with going public with all this is that he has now taken every bit of leverage the Rangers had in trading him and has thrown that in the gutter. All of Michael Young’s “x-factorness” – team player, great clubhouse guy, team first, leader – has now seemingly disappeared.

1:40 – Michael Young Phone Calls: One caller tries to make the point that Michael Young felt betrayed by management. This could be the case but it goes against everything Young has been about in his tenure here. I guess “trying to make the team better” is all good unless it takes away and threatens his role on the team. Dan has a thought that Ron Washington has the ability to make this right and Young will stay. For the sake of the Rangers, I hope he’s right.

2:00 – Dwaine Caraway: In lieu of the Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway giving a key to the city to Michael Vick, Bob and Dan take a look at his interview with The Musers and some other people who have received a key to the city. He sounds like a bit character that Gordon Keith would pull off. I’ll try to get you the audio at some point. Past recipients of the key to the city include Martellus Bennet and Gene Simmons. Mayor Leppert has asked him to draft some guidelines before handing out any more keys.

2:30 – Bob Ortegel: The long time Dallas Mavericks television broadcaster has been let go. The news of his departure comes after a strange absence over the 2 weeks. He wasn’t suspended, yet there is a cloud of mystery surrounding the circumstances. When you hear that a 70 year old is taking a break, you can’t help but think of medical reasons. Back in the summer, he seemed uneasy about his return with the team; Bob lets us know that with the Mavericks, the announcers are on a year by year basis. It could just be the fact that Cuban wanted to get younger at that position, and being let go mid-season is not unprecedented. In the Dallas Morning News, Cuban spun it to make it seem like Bob Ortegel was leaving the Mavericks, not the other way around. Apparently, they offered him a position on the radio broadcast and he turned it down. As a Mavs fan, “The Coach”, Bob Ortegel will be missed.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1964, The Beatles made their American television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. Happy Birthday to Vladdy Daddy, John Kruk, Jim Miller, Pete O’Brien, Danny White, Jim Jay Bullock, Red White and Goo, and Joe Pesci. Now for the spares. Todd Light and Mookie Wilson.

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