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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/21/11

Monday 2/21/11

Episode: 2876

Location: Studio

The Mix: FDR was President when Norm was born. He also tried to be a kicker for the San Antonio Lobos when he was younger. Norm definitely has a kicker’s body.

The Open: “If your sack were bursting with milk, wouldn’t you want to be milked in the morning?” Donovan’s experience with 2:00am lasagna on the Stars plane led to him Dutch Ovening himself as a courtesy to the rest of the passengers. The Stars lost the 3 games on the road trip, the last thing they needed was Donovan waging biological warfare on the plane.

12:35 – Rangers Spring Training: Julio Borbon is going into this spring as the starting center fielder, with Josh Hamilton moving to left field. It’s an interesting statement, what would it have hurt to just say that he’s going to have an opportunity to win the spot in spring training. Where does this leave David Murphy, a proven value to the franchise? The important thing here is that Josh Hamilton won’t be in center field. David Murphy will get his chances.

12:55 – Michael Young Talk: Some comments from Michael Young’s press conference Saturday. Now that he’s in spring training, he will not discuss anything trade related. He says that Nolan is aware of his feelings; it appears that Mike has no desire to talk to Jon Daniels. Mike also goes on to say that while he is in spring training he doesn’t want to talk about anything that will distract or keep his teammates from getting better. It doesn’t seem that Mike respects Jon Daniels; they’re roughly the same age, Young has been here longer than JD and JD never played pro baseball.

1:20 – News: Germany is trying to raise $165 million to renovate Auschwitz. There is a new app out, Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration, that allows players to drive across the Texas/Mexico border; the goal is to smuggle as many immigrants across the border. It’s like Oregon Trail; except you’re smuggling Mexicans across the border.

1:40 – NBA All-Star Game: Justin Bieber won the MVP of the Celebrity Game; it was fan vote via text… The Dunk Contest, over the past 3 years, has experienced resurgence; creativity coupled with pure young athleticism has been the reason behind the showcase of All-Star Weekend. Then the All-Star game happened. LeBron and Kobe showed more intensity in the 4th quarter than they have all year. The West won and Kobe won his 4th MVP award; LeBron had a triple-double. The real drama – so to speak – was the battle of alpha dogs between Kobe and LeBron.

2:00 – Carmelo Anthony Talk: With the NBA trade deadline readily approaching, Carmelo Anthony is the big name looking to be traded. The NBA is pretty the only league that has players being so bold and so blatant about what they want and where they want to go when it comes to trades. This Carmelo Anthony situation is a prime example of that. The fear of any league is that big name players end up wanting to go to 5 or 6 teams and that’s it. Because Denver knows that Carmelo will not return in free agency, they have to trade him now and get something in return or he’ll leave in the summer with the Nuggets getting nothing in return.

2:20 – Some Audio: Former 76ers guard turned broadcaster, Eric Snow, struggled to stay awake during a Sixers game versus the Houston Rockets last week. Comcast has removed the video from YouTube but lucky for you I found the video here.

2:35 – Movie Buzz: Bob and Dan had a task to finish all of the Best Picture Oscar Nominees; they both have six. Regarding The Fighter, Bob thought it was better than he anticipated, but like with all boxing movies, the fight scenes didn’t do it for him. Dan wasn’t aware that this was a true story until the ending credits. In 127 Hours, Dan thought that James Franco looked like Ian Kinsler for a majority of the movie and it had a great soundtrack. It’s a shame that Christopher Nolan did not get a nomination for Best Director for his masterpiece, Inception. The Social Network fun fact, one actor played both of the Winklevoss Twins. “Don’t the Oscars go for the best gay movie?” – Bob.

3:00 – WTDS: The Stars have traded James Neal and Matt Niskanen to Pittsburgh for Alex Goligoski. Today is President’s Day. Happy Birthday to Tony Meola, Terry Mickens, Jack Ramsey, Brian Ralston, Jake Steinfeld (Body by Jake), Ryan Smith, Alan Trammell, Billy Baldwin, Tyne Daly, Anthony Daniels, David Geffen, Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Ellen Page. One spare, Terry Allen.

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