Friday, February 11, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 2/11/11

Friday 2/11/11

Episode: 2870

Location: Studio

The Mix: Bob has watched the Super Bowl three times, and in his defense, he watches every Cowboys game twice. No Donovan on today’s show for unnamed reasons; Ron Harper will be filling in at home and Brad Davis will take over on remotes.

The Open: The Chewbacca Defense. 4 sleeps until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Now a moment for Bob to get nostalgic about his son becoming sports conscious. They went and bought his first copy of Madden, in which Bob tells Brett to run out into the flat with Ryan Grant and he’ll hit him with a pass from Aaron Rodgers. Getting him started early.

12:40 – Michael Young Talk: Dan wants to take a look at the Michael Young situation from a different angle. Suspend what you know right now and look at Mike Young from his perspective. He’s always been a player that has over-achieved; he’s gone from unknown to the face of the franchise. You wanted the team to win for him and he’s constantly forged a good relationship with fans every year. He’s asking fans to trust him that the franchise has wronged him but the fans have turned the other way. It’s an interesting perspective.

1:00 – Marty Turco Talk: The former Dallas Stars goaltender returns to the AAC as the Chicago Blackhawks (Blackhawks sounds dirty) are in tonight to play the Stars. Bob and Dan look at Marty’s legacy here in Dallas; he certainly had his high points with the Stars. At one point in the playoffs, he had 3 shutouts in a series yet the Stars lost. A star among the Stars. He is also a great guy -- very Michael Young-like – which brought Bob to ask the question, “who is Marty Turco’s Dallas sports career look-alike”. Criteria include; above average player, borderline All-Star, never got to the top of the mountain (championships), and a great guy. The list includes Michael Finley, Tony Romo and Mike Young. Dan throws out the name, Danny White and states that the Marty Turco story is very common in sports. Timing is as much of a factor in an athlete’s legacy as ability.

1:20 – The Steve Ott Show: Coming off a recent dip in winning, the Stars center says there hasn’t been any “Players Only Meetings” or anything of that nature. Steve and the guys talk about the meaning of Marty Turco making a return tonight and Steve talks of a “brotherly rivalry” between Turco and his former team. He also says that Marty and Modano can still play but it has worked out for the Stars to “youthen” up the locker room and it also made room for younger guys to prove what they have. Ott says that it should be a few weeks before they get the team to full strength.

1:40 – Dan’s E-Brake Win: This morning on the Musers, Dan’s misdial yesterday during Why Today Doesn’t Suck took the heralded prize. Here’s the story, Dan had every intention of calling the Cumulus front desk in order to talk to Lisa and wish her a Happy Birthday. Instead, he miscalled, and ended up dialing the front desk of KRLD. Poor Ashley had no idea what was about to transpire. This is Dan’s 14th win. Listen to it here.

2:00 – Ask Sports Sturm: Now is the time for the Annual NFL Franchise Rankings. It happens every year. Check out the comprehensive breakdown here. Keep in mind, these ranking are for the Super Bowl era only.

2:20 – Mavs and Carmelo Anthony Talk: If you turned the game off last night with 2 minutes left and woke up this morning and saw the highlights on SportsCenter, you were blown away that the Mavericks let that game slip away. Arron Afflalo caught fire in the 4th and hit a buzzer beater to win the game. Rumors have been swirling around a Carmelo Anthony trade for about a year, with destinations being LA, New York (where he played college) and a few others. Now he’s saying he would give consideration to resigning with the Nuggets. He’s never been a guy who put on the “I love my team, I love the fans” face; it’s brutal honesty. The NBA is different than any other sport in that it is marketed around that ONE player and this situation (like the LeBron “Decision”) is a by-product of that system. As a comparison, Dirk has always seemed to be “All-In” whereas ‘Melo has never seemed to be truly “All-In”.

2:40 – Screenless: Now some videos to get you through the rest of your day. A 3rd string Quaterback who is really good at trick passes. A stellar dance off, also why terrorists hate us. The greatest 5 minutes in wrestling history.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1990, Nelson Mandela was released from prison. South African, Tom Gribble, remembers it like it was yesterday. Also, Dick Cheney shot a guy in the face on this date and Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson. Happy Birthday to Saturday Day Night Beaver, Larry Merchant, Ben Ogilvy, Jennifer Aniston, Brandy, Jeb Bush, Sheryl Crow, Burt Reynolds and Sarah Palin. Friday spares include Tony Battie, Jamie Pusher, Wally Richardson and Jacques Vaughn.

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