Friday, February 18, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 2/18/11

Friday 2/18/11

Episode: 2875

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

The Mix: Another mix with Mike Sirois and John Rhadigan. Grubes gets angry when people misrepresent the Hangover. “It’s a tiger, not a lion”.

The Open: “Took it home, polished her up and bought a brand new ribbon off of ElectronicBay.” The Stars have never gone winless on a roadtrip with BaD Radio; Bob, Dan and Donnie are rooting extra hard for a Stars win tomorrow night versus Vancouver so they don’t get blamed and subsequently never allowed to go on the trip again. If a plane is crashing, do you just grab one of the stewardesses for a final honk? The consensus is that Bob would grab Joe Nieuwendyk and beg for forgiveness for not joining Joe on the ice when he invited Bob to skate with the team. After spending time in Vancouver, Bob wonders how the NBA didn’t survive there. It’s very affluent with a great nightlife; it seems that the main reason was the lack of a good product. Last night was Bob’s first experience at a sushi restaurant. He’s in love.

12:40 – Canada Stories: Bob had dinner with Frank Provenzano, the Stars Assistant GM, he can do a very good Pavel Bure impersonation. Meanwhile, Dan and Donnie were roaming around a food court wondering what to eat. They grab a cab and go to Best Buy for 3 reasons: Donovan got the movie “Slapshot”; movie review coming up. Reason 2, to interview some native Canadians and the final reason; Dan got some Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre. All he’s lacking is the FUBU and neck tattoos.

Breaking News: It’s being reported that the Nets and Nuggets have agreed on a deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to the Nets.

1:00 – Ask Sports Sturm: Bob will use this segment to let you hear some audio from Rob Ryan. This is the full version.

1:20 – Audio Montage: Well it’s another segment of audio that I’m not able to get. It’s a bunch of Canadians talking.

1:35 – Steve Ott Show: Mr. Ott sits in with Bob and Dan and hears some fan reaction to Dan’s question, “Which Dallas Star do you hate?” Canada doesn’t really like Steve Ott. In reaction to announcer Jack Edwards dogging on him from the broadcasters booth, Ott wishes Jack would come down to the ice during the skate-around so he can shoot a puck at him. No surprise, Steve trains some in the off-season on his fighting skills. He shares that the players don’t really talk about the ownership situation but trade deadline talk does go on within the locker room on some level.

2:00 – Donovan’s Movie Review: Donnie watched “Slapshot” for the first time last night and here is his review of it. “The end of this movie is the dumbest, most unfunny thing I’ve ever seen”. But he thought that everything leading up to that part was extremely funny. I’m surprised! The rules of hockey according to the movie “Slapshot”. The puck hitting the Oregon guy in the head was a subtle part that Donovan liked as well as the players being bloody during the National Anthem. “This is a thousand times more funny than Caddyshack”. “Slapshot” now ranks number 4 on his list that he’s seen so far out of 13, and is the number 1 comedy on the list.

2:20 – Tom’s New Bit: “Hey man, where can you get some p***y around here?” I wish I had audio for you I don’t. Basically, the guys get into a cab, Bob gets the cabbie talking (usually about soccer or cricket), then Tom deepens his voice and asks where the ladies at (but in a very crass way). Sometimes the cabbies give an answer; sometimes they ignore it all together. Sometimes Tom can’t even get it out without cracking up.

2:40 – Canadian or Canadian: In some circles where it is not PC to call someone a black person, they are referred to as a Canadian. The idea behind this game is Bob asks a question about a person and Dan or Donovan buzz in and guesses whether Bob is describing a real Canadian or a Black Guy.

MVP of Super Bowl 26 – Canadian – Dan

Nobel Peace 1950 Winner – Black Guy – Dan

Invented the Super Soaker – Black Guy – Dan

Invented the Stop Light – Black Guy – Donovan

2007-2008 NBA Assists Leader – Black Guy – Dan

2nd Pick of the ‘89 NFL Draft – Canadian – Dan

Invented Mashed Potatoes – Canadian – Dan

Pioneered the Modern Blood Bank – Black Guy - Donovan

Dan wins 6-2.

3:00 – WTDS: Dan in his Beats, by Dr. Dre headphones. He also will “Jog for Pot”. On this day in 2001, Dale Earnhardt died on the final lap of the Daytona 500. Happy Birthday to John Gesek, Chuck Long, Alexander Mogilny, George Teague, Matt Dillon, Dr Dre, Juice Newton, Yoko Ono, Molly Ringwald, Cybill Shepherd, Vanna White and John Travolta. Some spares from Canada, John Mayberry, John Valentin and Pat Bolin. Now dead, Jack Palance. RIP. The Intimidator, Michelangelo and Johnny Paycheck.

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Wes Bullard

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