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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/8/11

Tuesday 2/8/11

Episode: 2867

Location: Studio

The Mix: Norm can’t believe John Kitna was part of Porn Sunday and Mike Sirois does a great Kitna impersonation. (All you really have to do is talk).

The Open: No no, don’t use the bats like that! Not like that either! The great Pete Delkus is predicting snow for the next 2 days; you won’t even have to look outside to tell if he got it right. He’ll let you know on his twitter when he gets it right and goes silent when he does not. As of Saturday, the stadium was still trying to get seats installed and have the fire marshal sign off on them. This was delayed by the ice falling off the room and around noon on Sunday they ran out of supplies to complete the handrails. All in all, 400 people did not get seats.

12:35 – Super Bowl Week: Cheri Summerall, the wife of legendary Pat Summerall, went up to her attic in order to shut off the water to her house after the pipes froze in her house. She subsequently fell through the roof and landed in the exercise room. Good news, the party still went on! Dwaine Caraway, the Mayor Pro-Temp, gave Michael Vick the key to the city of Dallas as Vick spoke to a group of kids in Dallas.

12:55 – The Wire Cast Interview Series: Pablo Schreiber joins Bob and Dan; he is currently playing opposite Holt McCallany in the FX show Lights Out, and is doing theater in the meantime. He talks about Season 2 of the Wire, and how it wasn’t really received well the first time around but in the context of the entire show it is one of the strongest seasons. He’s very good friends with the guys from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and appeared in an episode with them. Pablo drops the bomb on Bob and Dan that he has been a Dallas Mavericks fan for about 15 years; he played basketball against Jason Terry in high school. Pablo has a deal for Bob and Dan; if they can get Mark Cuban to sport a Lights Out shirt, he will wear a Bob and Dan shirt or hat on Lights Out.

1:20 – Rangers Talk: As the trucks are on their way to Surprise, AZ, the major focus is on Michael Young and his impending divorce from the Texas Rangers. Michael Young is saying that he has been misled and an “inaccurate portrayal of the truth” is out there. More on this in the next segment.

1:35 – Rangers Talk: Quick anecdote from Dan. Norm took one drink from a bottle of water, put the lid back on and left. It ended up back in the refrigerator. Dan then went to get some water from said refrigerator, grabbed a bottle, it opened a little easier than normal. Luckily he stopped before the water actually touched his lips, he almost kissed Norm basically. Back to Michael Young saying he was misled and manipulated and is demanding to be traded. He has been the Face of the Franchise for many years. Young initially agreed to be DH in order to help the team, but the Rangers went on to offer deals to other DHs as back up plans. This apparently rubbed him the wrong way and prodded him to change his mind about agreeing to DH. He also has agreed to being traded to 8 teams only. This goes against everything Michael Young has supposedly been about the past decade. “Do everything you can to get a winner here.” “I’m tired of losing.” Now he wants out.

2:00 – Rangers Talk: Due to his 16 million dollar a year contract, trading Michael Young is almost impossible to do. Michael Young would be asked to play some 2nd base, 1st base, short stop, 3rd base and DH; all the while getting about 450 at bats while being paid $100K a game. The Rangers have just been trying to bring in players to make the team better. It makes him, publicly, look like a fraud.

2:20 – Gay not Gay: Is it gay for your girlfriend to feed you popcorn on national tv, ala Alex Rodriguez? Not gay. Which is gayer, the Cheesehead or the Terrible Towel? No conclusion. Is it gay to wear a sleep mask while sleeping on a plane? Yes it is. Do not wear one in public. At a restaurant, 4 chairs at a square table, 2 guys sit next to each other. Gay or not Gay? Gay. Is there a Super Bowl exemption for this? Is it gay for dudes to wear the Sketchers Shape Up shoes to work? Yes.

2:40 – NFL Quick Hits: Dan’s daughter’s teacher is Major Applewhite’s mom. Just so you know. The Dallas Morning News mislabeled a photo of Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers; they called Clay Matthews, “A.J. Hawk”. Bob exclaims, “We don’t all look alike!” Bart Starr, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers all won their first Super Bowl at the age of 27. They start to talk of a possible repeat, but Bob is cautious to give it any thought at this point. And then there is this post-Super Bowl scuffle.

3:00 – WTDS: In 1968, 3 young people died in a civil rights confrontation in South Carolina. Why did black people want to bowl in the first place? Happy Birthday to Dino Ciccarelli, Alonzo Mourning, My Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m a Little Hoe, Kurt Muller, Seth Green, John Grisham, Robert Klein, Vince Neil, Ted Coppell, Mary McCormack , Nick Nolte, Mary Steenburgen. Spares include, Fritz Peterson, Rod Bernstine and Marcus Johnson.

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