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BaD Radio - Recap - 2/7/11

Monday 2/7/11

Episode: 2866

Location: Studio

The Mix: Norm has jokes. Dan doesn’t think that salt will melt ice if it’s below 20 degrees, that’s why Dallas used sand. Can anybody confirm this? Congratulations, Bob; you did a good job yesterday!

The Open: Green and Yellow. The World’s Biggest Steelers Fan, former Maverick Brad Davis, was sitting in front of Bob. Also, there were people in front of Bob who paid no attention to the game but checked Facebook on the phone the entire time. Idiocracy. Dan had a “walking pass”; he could roam freely throughout the stadium. In the opulent eating area, Dan sat down on a couch to rest his feet. In doing so, he took the seat of some snooty , rich 10 year olds. They confronted him and he remained strong; you can’t call a couch by leaving a hat there.

12:40 – Super Bowl Talk: Does it offer some perspective on the 45 Super Bowls we have seen on how difficult it is to perform at a high level on the biggest stage in all of sports? Everyone says to treat it like any other game, but that is impossible. The extended commercial breaks, the severity of every play, the extra long halftime; it’s a different animal. The Steelers seemed to miss Santonio Holmes; targeting deep threat, Mike Wallace, 16 times. They looked out of sync in the last 2 minute drive.

1:00 – Super Bowl Talk: While Dan was on the opulent couch, he heard a guy tell his buddy, “The Rapist threw a Touchdown”; thus proving that everyone is comfortable with rapist jokes. There was a 20 minute wait to just get into the Gear Shop. Overheard in line, “I know this place is charging a lot of money, but they’re making a lot of money”. Profound business knowledge being passed on. Bob noticed that there was one men’s room for about 6 sections of seating in the 300 level; 6 urinals total. The line was absurd. Otherwise, the 300 level is the perfect place to watch a game. Also, the fans got to HEAR the fly-over.

1:20 – Quarterback Comparison: Aaron Rodgers had the playoffs of a lifetime; he had 9 touchdowns with 2 interceptions and a Rating of 110. Last night, he joined Joe Montana and Steve Young as the only quarterbacks to throw for 300 yards, 3 TDs and zero interceptions. With no running game, a depleted offensive line and constantly throwing on the run; he continued to place the ball with extreme accuracy. Roethlisberger on the other hand, was faced with consistent pressure and failed to hit receivers when they were open. Missing open receivers really hurts after seeing the Packers send two starting defensive backs to the locker room with injuries before halftime.

1:40 – Super Bowl Entertainment: Two minutes into entering the stadium, Dan saw Rasheed Wallace. A bookend to that sighting was Biff Henderson from the David Letterman show. Bob saw Harrison Ford wearing a green scarf; when he saw Han Solo supporting the Packers, he did not care if it was legit or not. Catherine Zeta-Jones made an appearance on the JumboTron and she was surrounded by George and Laura Bush, John Madden and Michael Douglas, yet she was the highlighted celebrity. Here is some National Anthem audio of Christina Aguilera butchering the lyrics and covering it up with a lot of weird mouth noises.

2:00 – Super Bowl Tidbits: A quick hit from Bob that ends up not being so quick; he’s excited about the Packers winning and he hopes every die-hard fan can experience their team winning it all. One downside of going to the game for Dan was other people asking him to get them memorabilia; a beating and he wouldn’t recommend bragging about going to the game beforehand.

2:20 – Super Bowl Talk: Did Dan stay for the whole game? Not only did he stay for the whole game, he stayed late in order to beat the traffic; very very cunning. Security was on high alert, as to be expected with a Super Bowl. Dan got “grazed” in that special spot. He also says that if a terrorist were to attack, they would be the smartest terrorists of all-time.

2:40 – Super Bowl Talk: One of Bob’s goals yesterday was to see how the Super Bowl security was for someone not using a media pass. He got to the stadium at 3:00 and had to deal with fences, railing mazes and street preachers. One of the problems with the mazes of railing is that they move, and when you’re trying to cram 100,000 people through security and into the stadium it can become a monster in itself. He made it through security at 4:45. Tons of people were forced to throw away their camera cases before they entered the stadium. Overall, a complete beating.

3:00 – WTDS: Dan saw Ed Warder (mark that under who gives a bleep). On this day in 1904, a fire raged in Baltimore for 30 hours and destroyed a lot of buildings. Happy Birthday to Chris Gardocki, Bert Hooton, Juwan Howard, Rebel Without a Condom, Steve Nash, Garth Brooks, Ashton Kutcher, James Spader and Chris Rock. Spares include Peter Bondra and Damaso Garcia.

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Wes Bullard

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Doctorjorts said...

The temperature at which salt can melt ice is completely dependent on the amount of salt you use.

Sand doesn't melt ice, but it makes it safer by increasing the traction you can get on it, and also helping to grind it down.

I'm willing to bet sand is cheaper than salt, so at some point it's both cheaper and safer to go with sand.