Thursday, April 14, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 4/14/11

Thursday 4/14/11

Episode: 2914

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Sean Bass will do Tickers.” - Norm

The Open: “He uses the screenname TwinkToilet.” The Show Recap has been down for the past few days because of technical difficulties, but it’s back and Dan is still making the same damn complaints about Twitter. Sean is still defending Mildred Pierce. Since the show has been Bob-less all week, Dan and Donovan have had random guests on all week: One-legged girl, hot dog eating guy and today they have robot. Dan proclaims his love for Less Than Zero. It’s his “Christmas Story” – Grubes. Dan got 2 tickets to the Mavs game, front row. Turns out it was 2nd row.

12:40 – Mavs Game: Donovan, like Dan, went to the Mavs game last night. He sat on the 3rd row and sat behind the guy that always dresses up like a fool. Dan wonders if the NBA player is more apt to be up for bits or shenanigan videos. It seems like the Mavericks players are constantly game for all kinds of stuff like that. Brendan Haywood game a pre-game speech to the crowd before the game. Dan wonders if Brian Cardinal is really in the NBA? He gives hope to every single rec league player out there. Chris Paul’s mom sat behind Dan and she was extremely vocal while the Hornets were winning. Oh yeah, the Mavericks won.

1:00 – BaD Radio Reports: Roy “Robot” Martin joins the show. The former Olympian is from the area and was at a Donovan’s sister’s wedding. After his track days, he began driving a big rig. He did this for 15 years. He started to put on weight because he would always eat at McDonalds. He would always deliver his truck load 3 to 4 days early. He was fast on the track and on the road. He never used drugs to stay awake or anything like that but he says that you would not believe the type of stuff that truck drivers do.

1:20 – More Roy Martin: He is a 2-time Olympian and was an alternate in 1984 at the age of 17. He considered retiring because he was beat in the Olympic trials by a guy named Thomas Jefferson. He always looked up to Carl Lewis, but Carl saw him as a threat and Carl would duck out of races because Roy was running. Once he got to race Carl at the Olympic Trials, Carl beat him. He then went overseas to start racing, that’s where runners go to compete and make money.

1:35 – Even More Roy Martin: He once got fired from a middle school for buying drugs, this happened after his truck driving days. Mike Rhyner joins the show. He remembers the media storm that was surrounding Roy back in the 80s, in the heyday of his track career. He’s gone back to school to get his degree, graduating from Alcorn St in May. Back to getting fired for buying drugs. He witnessed some kids selling drugs and tried to have an intervention with these kids. A young lady approached him about buying drugs, Xanax, she was about 13 or 14. She was very persistent. He went to an administrator but the administrator did nothing about it. He bought a pill from the girl so he could prove to the administrator that they were selling. He got in trouble for doing his undercover sting because the cops were doing an undercover sting and the cop claims that he bought 2 pills instead of 1. He could’ve been in jail for a very long time but what very fortunate to get off with the minimum. Roy got the nickname “Robot” because he was running from the cops and the coach saw him running and wanted him to join the track team. A girl on the track team said he ran like a robot. Thus is the legend of Roy “Robot” Martin. He has been promised the key to city of Dallas 2 times but it never happened.

2:00 – Mavs Playoff Picture: Dallas will play Portland in the first round and it is the popular upset pick amongst the NBA Talking Heads, Chris Webber is the main spearhead behind this. The Portland Trail Blazers are even talking like they are excited to be matched up with the Mavericks. Game 1 is Saturday at 8:30 on ESPN or locally on channel 21. Support the local broadcast with the Ticket’s own Mark Followill.

2:15 – The Tom Grieve Show: Since they’ve talked last week the Rangers have gone 3-3 with a lot of talking points arising. It’s just the normal ebb and flow of the Major League season. Other than the 13-1 game against Baltimore, the Rangers haven’t hit the ball that well on the road trip. Tom praises Matt Harrison’s commitment to the mental aspect of the game during the off-season. He says that he could tell the first time he talked with Matt in spring training that he was a different guy. In Tom’s playing days, he was always afraid to face Nolan Ryan. The only pitcher that made him feel that way. Tom loved the call that Ron Washington made in walking Miguel Cabrera. It was unconventional move that really separates Ron Washington from most of the other managers in baseball. Regarding the Josh Hamilton injury, Tom thinks that Josh’s slide into 3rd base the play before was more violent than the slide that injured Linkhim. The only way he would have been safe at home was to slide head first. In Tom’s opinion, you can’t tell Josh Hamilton not to be aggressive but he doesn’t like players sliding headfirst as a rule. It’s an unfortunate injury based on the way that the Rangers play aggressive baseball.

2:40 – Screenless: Since Dan is out tomorrow, this is his Friday and he wants to end with screenless. Corby joins the show for screenless. Here is the gag reel from Eastbound & Down for you to enjoy.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1865 Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth. Happy Birthday to Steve Avery, David Justice, Greg Maddox, Marvin Miller, Pete Rose, Brad Garrett, Granny Effed Grandpa’s Fanny, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anthony Michael Hall, Loretta Lynn and Rob McElhenney. Spares include Bras Ausmus and Cynthia Cooper.

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