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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/7/11

Tuesday 4/7/11

Episode: 2909

Location: Studio

The Mix: “I’m on the island talking to Wilson, the soccer ball.” - Norm

The Open: “Is a banana fish big?” Matty Harrison will join the show later on, he’s the one that hurt his arm and then gained velocity, like Rookie of the Year. Not the monkey from Ed. TC, the Notre Dame homer, makes an early appearance on the show. *Power Down* In the most recent publication of Quick, Josh Hamilton is on the cover. Gordon and Grubes also have pictures in there. Back to page 34 of Quick, Jake Kemp and TC Fleming, have an article in which they take a look back at opening weekend.

12:35 - Matt Harrison: The Rangers number 3 starter joins Bob, Dan and Donovan on the phone. His philosophy behind being a starting pitcher and dealing with the pressure, “I know I’m not going to win every game, I just go out there and try to give my team the best chance to win.” 2009 and 2010 were pretty rough on him from an injury stand point but the biggest key for him is the mental aspect of starting. Maintaining focus and trusting his stuff is the most important part. Regarding Ron Washington letting him stay in the 7th inning and getting out of the jam, it gave Matt a ton of confidence that Ron had confidence in him and he’s glad he was able to reward Wash for making that decision. Sometimes he catches himself glancing over to the dugout to see Wash is making his way out to the mound once Matt’s pitch count is approaching his limit. Regarding experience, Matt references a quote from Mike Maddox, “In baseball, the test comes first then you get the lesson.” He still doesn’t see himself as a strikeout pitcher even though he’s gained a few mph on his pitches after his surgery. His next start is against Baltimore and when it comes to prepping for the game, he doesn’t watch too much film but he’ll study the scouting report the night before and will go over the lineup with the catcher. Dan asks who he was most in awe of to face when he got into the big leagues. His answer, Big Papi. He threw 3 no-hitters in high school and one in the minor leagues.

1:00 – BaD Radio Reports: Today’s report is brought to you by Bob. This one is a little outside the box. How did LA sportscaster Jim Healy make it to the forefront of this edition of BaD Radio Reports? In going through his sweet audio tapes, Bob came across one that was a tape of someone he’d never heard of. It’s Jim Healy. At one point during one of their shows, someone handed Bob a tape and it got put in the closet. That tape is of Jim Healy. He was the Norm of his office, a revolutionary. He was the first guy to bring “drops” to the air and was irreverent to the LA sports community. The tape is of Jim Healy’s obituary show; dark isn’t it? This guy would have fit in perfectly on The Ticket!

1:20 – BaD Radio Reports: Jim Healy was irreverent and would have feuds with various big wigs in the LA area and beyond. He would always target Howard Cosell, calling him pretentious and saying he couldn’t stand him. He was only on the air for 15 minutes, basically he did a Ticker and then orchestrated some bits from audio that he would lift. The Rich Dalrymple connection. The Jerome Brown audio was a fan favorite and Rich Dalrymple, the Dallas Cowboys PR guy, was on the air with Healy to explain said Jerome Brown audio. Another favorite was the Tommy LaSorda/Dave Kingman audio. Tommy went on a tirade after Dave Kingman hit 3 home runs and had 8 rbi’s. A reporter asked Tommy what his “opinion” of Dave Kingman was. Tommy went off. Healy took the audio, replaced all the swear words with Hanna-Barbera sound effects.

1:40 – Daily LeBron: LeBron is a part owner of Liverpool. Dan is now a Liverpool fan. He’s a part-time owner with the Fenway Ownership Group, I wonder how this plays into his being a life-long Yankees fan? From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, “18 championships, I see myself trying to do the same thing they have” – LeBron James. So it looks like LeBron is trying to get 18 championships with the Heat. LeBron’s mom was arrested for simple battery and disorderly intoxication. There was no sign of Delonte West and she was picked up from jail by Miami Heat personnel. Story here.

2:00 - Stars: Tonight is “Shirt Off Your Back” night at the AAC, which means all the Stars players will give their jerseys away to fans tonight. You can win Steve Ott’s jersey if you can answer 3 questions about Steve Ott and be the first to find Tom at the AAC tonight. What is Ott’s favorite adult beverage, his least favorite NHL announcer and his most painful injury? Go to the game and stay on top of Bob and Dan’s Twitter feed for your chance to win Steve Ott’s signed game jersey from tonight.

2:15 – Ron Washington: Dan stopped subscribing to D Magazine and every month he still buys the magazine at the convenient store. The story that sucked him in this time is one about Ron Washington, the same one the Hardline covered 2 weeks ago. A D Magazine reporter went to New Orleans to interview him. Ron still lives in the same house as he did in the 80s, he renovated it after Katrina. It’s a humble house and his neighbors really have no idea who Ron Washington is. He grew up in the projects, was a good high school baseball player but he wasn’t drafted out of high school. He went to a tryout for the Royals and out of 156 players and was the only one that was invited to the next step. He signed a $1,000 minor league contract. He converted from catcher to the infield. Ron made his way through various rosters for various teams and ended up helping out Billy Beane managing the A’s. He endeared himself amongst the players as being a coach who always made the players want to be their very best.

2:35 – Mavs Talk: Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler sat out last night’s game against Denver, Denver came out and dominated Dallas. Roddy B is struggling. Yes, he is still a work in progress but after last night it’s hard to see him as the future point guard of this team. It looks like his basketball IQ is opposite to that of Jason Kidd. It would not surprise anyone if Roddy’s minutes are completely reduced when the playoffs start. People are claiming that the Mavericks are trying to throw a few games to get a better matchup in the playoffs. The thinking is that the Mavs would rather have the Nuggets and then the Spurs rather than Portland and then the Lakers. That’s ridiculous, this team doesn’t need to try to lose; they’ve proven that over the past few weeks.

3:00 – WTDS: Happy Birthday to Adrian Beltre, Tony Dorsett, Buster Douglas, Reggie Langhorne, Ricky Waters, Jackie Chan, Francis Ford Coppola, Splitting a White Ho With My Bro and John Oates. Spares include Brett Tomko, Steve Wisniewski, Ronde and Tiki Barber, Ronnie Belliard and Ricky Bonus. RIP Sir Walter Winchell and Henry Ford.

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