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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/20/11

Wednesday 4/20/11

Episode: 2918

Location: Studio

The Mix: “It’s hard lighting up a Taco Joint.” - Norm

The Open: “Hey dude are you holdin’?” “Nothing but my junk!” Happy 4/20. Bob wants to talk about viral videos, the Pandora’s Box of time wasting. Bob has recently been introduced to Keenan Cahill, the lip-syncing weird looking little person. Donovan can’t get over the size of his arms and legs. I have to agree. Bob wants to get him on the Guest Booking League. Staying true to form, Dan calls him a little tard.

12:40 – Mavs Talk: The Mavs had a stellar performance last night in a win against Portland to take a 2 game lead in the best of 7 series. Jason Terry once again struggled last night but Portland’s defense still scrambled throughout the game to keep up with him on defense, thus leaving multiple people open for shots. Peja was one of those people that were constantly open and he hit shots. No one saw it coming but so far, a different person has stepped up to become the number 2 scorer for this Mavericks team. Dirk dominated the 4th quarter once again and ended up with 33 points. Dallas’ transition defense in the first half was atrocious, but come the second half the defense clamped down. It helps that they didn’t turnover the ball in the second half.

1:00 – More Mavs Talk: Going into this series, Donovan was the optimist of the show. This leads Dan to begrudgingly tell him that he was correct after game 2. Tyson Chandler got a technical foul after a seemingly docile conversation with a referee; the weird thing, the ref who T’d him up wasn’t the one he was talking to. From the looks of the series thus far, it seems like the Mavericks have found an extra gear come crunch time that the Trail Blazers can’t keep up with. Danny Crawford had no impact on the game, contrary to recent trends.

1:20 – Even More Mavs Talk: Unlike the Mavs teams of recent years, this team is deep and has many pieces that can step up on a given night. When the trade deadline approached this year the Mavs had a chance to get Gerald Wallace for the contract of Caron Butler and Roddy B. Yet, they went with Peja for next to nothing. Now it’s starting to look like the Mavs made the right choice. Dan thinks that Brendan Haywood’s free throws looks like they have an extra chromosome. He also ponders if the “Granny Shot” had a different name would more people use it. Dan goes racist and asks if there are any black guys in the NBA without tattoos.

1:40 – Tom Grieve Show: Regarding the frontline starters for the Rangers, C.J. Wilson had his best start of the season in his last outing whereas Colby Lewis had his worse. C.J. is starting to get his velocity back after struggling with it his first few starts due to a tweaked hamstring. Colby is also struggling with his velocity but has other pitches to bail him out if he has command of them, he’s looking like he’s lacking some control. Tom’s not worried about Ogando and his struggle against the Yankees. There was an old woman who got a home run ball last night then decided to throw it back but it only made it 6 rows in front of her. Knoxy brought her a ball later in the game and asked her to throw it again. He’s on fire!

2:00 – Mavs Audio: In 34 seconds of audio from the local broadcast last night, Jeff “Skin” Wade said “aggressive” or a derivative of it 7 times. On the national broadcast, the announcers went into great detail into explaining how Jason Kidd has become a better shooter because of what Dirk taught him. Dirk’s dad and coach from Germany were in the stands and the sideline reporter has trouble with Dirk’s dad’s name and calls him Jorge. Jorge is very German, obviously. Tyson Chandler had his towel stolen at halftime by an eager young fan.

2:20 – Cowboys Talk: The schedule has been released and if they play it, they open the season on 9/11 in New York against the Jets. All the talking heads are saying that at #9 you should take the best player available in the draft. This is the Cowboys first Top 10 pick since 2003. Bob thinks that, for the Cowboys, it’s ridiculous to go solely “best player available” at the #9 slot. Because of the type of money that must be spent on a top 10 pick, you need to pick a player based on need and impact to your team. Once it gets late in the first round and beyond, the money is about the same so you can take the best player available with less risk.

2:40 – Some Audio: Jack Edwards, long time Boston Bruins announcer and enemy of Steve Ott, is a homer like Simpson. One piece of audio is of him yelling at one of the Bruins players to “GET UP!” Here are the Top 13 Jack Edwards moments.

3:00 - WTDS: On this day in 1999, Columbine happened. Happy Birthday to Don Mattingly, Steve Spurrier, Carmen Electra, Jessica Lang, Ryan O’Neal, George Takei and MILF It Does a Boner Good. Spares include Todd Hollandsworth, Lamond Murray. RIP Gaydolf Smitler.

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