Friday, April 29, 2011

Bruce Carter Tape

The Cowboys take Bruce Carter from Butch Davis' North Carolina in the 2nd Round at Pick #40. I will readily admit I don't know much about his work and therefore would not pretend to have much of an opinion on his work.

However, here are a few quotes from anonymous scouts who spoke to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal about Carter: "Good player. Active and instinctive. Nose for the ball. Not a bad hitter. Not a killer." and another said, "So non-physical". A 3rd indicated that he is "most decidedly a finesse linebacker". And a 4th said, "Undisciplined, athletic, but doesn't make the most of it. Not under control a lot of the time. He's not a downhill thumper, either. Not a big, heavy, blow delivery guy. He will absorb a lot."

Those are some disconcerting reports - especially the idea of him being a finesse linebacker. Bobby Carpenter had a similar rap.

It is clear that when healthy (he blew his ACL on Nov 20) he is incredibly fast. In fact, a Top 3 LB when it comes to straight speed (Dontay Moch and Martez Wilson) with a 40 time of 4.5 and reports that he once was close to breaking 4.4 which is insane for a LB.

He also is a special teams stud, with 7 blocked kicks - 6 of them punts.

And now, a favorite past-time of mine, searching for his youtube tape. I will tell you the tape says he is fast, but he seems to run around plays and over-run plays. And he almost kills Tyrod Taylor from Virginia Tech.

Interesting pick. Check it out for yourself.

He is #54 for UNC:

UNC vs Clemson


UNC vs Virginia Tech

And, check this out:

"How strict are you about diet?" I asked.

"Well, not very. I eat a lot of McDonald's and fast foods, but I do work out real hard."

"Like how much McDonald's?"

"Almost every day. I usually get three double cheeseburgers, medium fries, large tea and a six-piece McNuggets. I don't think eating healthy as far as eating salads and that stuff really works for me."



Shawn said...

Every snap is a broken tackle. He's always getting washing out of plays by blockers.

This guy is worse than Jason Williams.

It is frightening that we passed on great interior linemen like Wisnewski and Ijalana for this guy.

Jay Callicott said...

I'm depressed. This pick has no buzz.