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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/18/11

Monday 4/18/11

Episode: 2916

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Everybody go like the Dallas Stars, let’s get them 100,000 likes on Facebook.” - Bob

The Open: “Did Juwanna tell you that? Don’t go there wit me, don’t go there wit me, don’t go there wit me!” Bob is back and Passover starts today. Dan thinks you just skip over it. The show is still trying to get the Stars to 100,000 likes on Facebook. The future of the franchise rests in your hands P1s! There’s really no practical reason to do this, but do it anyway. Dan comments on the Jackie Robinson Day where everyone wears the number 42. “We’re sorry we were so racist” – Dan. Yet, he doesn’t support the fact that everyone is forced to wear the number 42 for a game. Donovan’s grandpa used to say “colored” until the day he died and Bob has a racist grandmother in law.

12:40 – Mavs Playoffs: 1 down, 15 to go in the Mavs journey for an NBA Championship. While seemingly every NBA Talking Head has picked Portland to win this series, Dallas held serve at home, beating Portland. Dallas has been assigned Doris Burke as the color analyst for the series; think of that what you will. Jason Kidd scored his season high in game 1, don’t get too used to that. There was a massive mismatch when the Mavericks ran Terry, Kidd and Barea out there at the same time; the Mavs can’t survive with that lineup. JET is starting to look like he is running out of fuel. Regardless, the Mavs still won because Dirk put this team on his broad German shoulders.

12:55 – More Mavs: DeShawn Stevenson got the start, even though he hasn’t played more than 20 minutes since February 5th. An odd move by Carlisle, whether or not the Roddy B injury had anything to do with it, no one but Carlisle really knows. Donovan thinks that the Mavs played horribly yet still won and his confidence that Mavs will win this series has gone up. Bob, a guy who picked against the Mavs, still thinks the Trail Blazers will win the series. He thinks they just outmatch and out-athlete the Mavs at every position. He fears this Mavs team will not be able to stop all of Portland’s options for 4 games.

1:15 – More Mavs: The guys take some phone calls. The first HSO, why is it that Mavs fans are not satisfied with the team just making the playoffs? It’s because the Mavs have made the playoffs for 10 years or so with no championship. The second caller thinks that the Mavs a great chance to win the championship this year if a different guy steps up every night to go off for 20 or 30 points like Jason Kidd did in game one. The color analyst for the Mavs, Derek Harper’s favorite word in a broadcast is “Aggressive” or any derivative of “Aggressive”. Bob said he lost count in the mid-30’s.

1:40 - Random Segment: Dan went to a pancake place up north and caused a raucous when he didn’t order pancakes. The manager delivered his food and when he ordered a fruit and yogurt parfait it looked like someone opened a yogurt cup and turned it upside down onto 2 granola bars. Cleveland is funny.

2:00 – Sports Bob Missed: SIDEBAR: The Stars now have 100,000 likes on Facebook. Bob was in South America when he heard that the Red Wings beat the Blackhawks to give the Stars a chance to “win and in”. He went on a search for the best internet connection (he found it on the rooftop) so he could SlingBox the Stars game. When he got the news that Crawford was canned after that lose, he wasn’t completely surprised. It all came down to that one game and they lost it.

2:20 – More Sports that Bob Missed: The Masters. We all know what happened, Tiger made a comeback but Schwartzel made a bigger comeback and won. Tiger had 6 3-putts throughout the tournament, something that he can’t do if he expects to win.

2:35 – Rangers Talk: This is more of a recap for Bob because he was gone. Once again, we all know that Josh tried to tag up from 3rd on a foul ball in which home plate was unattended. It was the 1st inning of the 5th game of the season, but the Rangers are an aggressive team and that will not change. Josh initially threw 3rd base coach Dave Anderson under the bus for sending him but has since backtracked that comment and apologized. Dan argues that the risk/reward on that play is way too lopsided to send Josh home.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1934, the first Laundromat opened in America opened in Fort Worth. Happy Birthday to Tiny Archibald, Jim Eisenreich, Rick Moranis, Eric Roberts, Alia Shawkat, Conan O’Brien and Tinker with My Stinker 2. Spares include Jeff Bodine, Derrick Brooks, Kenny Gant, Wilber Marshall and Willie Roaf.

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