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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/4/11

Monday 4/4/11

Episode: 2906

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Do you think Jim Nantz will say ‘Throw it in my But…ler’?” - Dan

The Open: “I don’t know what it is about your face, but I want to deliver one of these into your suckhole.” BaD Radio is giving away a Steve Ott game worn jersey and are discussing the proper way to go about having a contest. Rangers season also brings Sister Francis to the ballpark. She is an elderly nun, not in the nun-garb, who has a drum and is present at every Rangers game. It’s Donovan’s job to try to have a conversation with her for the show. Also, Cookie Lady, the lady who bakes cookies for the broadcast crew every night, now has her own seat and a placard on the seat saying “Cookie Lady”.

12:40 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers pulled off a sweep of the Boston Red Sox over the weekend. The offense is STRONG and the pitching of Matt Harrison yesterday was hopefully a pre-curser of things that can be expected from him. Napoli has proven to be a valuable commodity. Ian Kinsler led off the first 2 games with a home run and he along with Nelson Cruz have 3 home runs in their first 3 games; the first time in history. David Murphy had a great series, a game winning double on Friday and a home run on Sunday. He’s outplayed Julio Borbon.

1:00 – More Rangers: Bob has a question for the Red Sox, with all of their payroll and resources, how did they settle with Jared Saltalamacchia? For the first time this time of year, Dallas felt like a baseball town. It seems like national broadcaster and commentators don’t think that the Rangers should have brought the Claw and Antler back for a second season. It’s the team’s bit, let them do it however long they want. Dan has a problem with Twitter. Instead of replacing email or other news sources, he feels it’s just an additional outlet that requires him to take time out of his day to read. He also hates it when media members waste their gold on tweets when they should be saving them for their columns, shows, etc.

1:20 – 5 Minute Major: The Stars have been bad, but over the weekend they pulled out a strong win versus the Anaheim Ducks. The Stars remain 3 points behind the Blackhawks for the final spot in the Western Conference playoffs. The Stars do not play another playoff team in their remaining 4 games. At the beginning of the season, the Stars were a long shot to make the playoffs. Half-way through the season, they were in 1st place. Now they’re struggling to make the playoffs. Roller-coaster.

1:30 – Michael Lombardi: The NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi joins Bob, Dan and Donovan to discuss the Cowboys and all things NFL. Bob wants to know how the college spread offense is so different from the pro level and why are spread offense college quarterbacks rated a notch lower when coming into the pros. Mike says that the pro offense so different when it comes to reading the defense and coverage that it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Mike says that Cam Newton compares to Ben Roethlisberger, you don’t want to run your offense at the line of scrimmage through him but he can make plays and is an athletic specimen. Regarding Prince Amukamara, you don’t want to draft a player in the lottery and then change his position (cornerback to safety in this case). Regarding drafting the best player versus drafting for need, when it comes to lineman, draft talent. When it comes to receivers, draft for need not just because they’re the best player on the board. Tyron Smith is Lombardi’s top lineman on the board. Mike is optimistic that there will be an NFL season; it’s to everyone’s best interest that they get a deal done. As of now, he doesn’t see the NFL going to an 18 game schedule without changing a lot of other circumstances surrounding training camp, practice, etc.

2:00 – Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen got booed and people walked out of his show in Detroit. He has an opening act, he takes questions from the audience, a Snoop Dogg video and blah blah blah. This guy is a beating.

2:20 – NCAA Basketball Talk: Instead of talking about the National Championship game, they talk about the Fab Five. If Butler wins the Championship, is that the biggest Cinderella story ever?

2:35 – More NCAA Basketball: The UConn women’s team lost in the Final Four. That’s all we’re going to talk about that. Bob plays some Jim Calhoun audio from back in the day. On recruiting. On giving some of his salary back.

3:00 – WTDS: In 1888, Congress decided to have 13 red and white stripes on the flag. Happy Birthday to Allan Houston, Mya Angelou, David Cross, Robert Downey Jr, David Kelley, Red Beaver Bonanza, Craid T. Nelson and Jamie Lynn Spears. Spares include Jack Del Rio, Tommy Herr and Scott Rolen.

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