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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/8/11

Friday 4/8/11

Episode: 2910

Location: Texas Motor Speedway

The Mix: “There’s a big race war at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend.” - Bob

The Open: “You’re my guys, you’re my guys!” Dan starts talking about Gumball Rally, some old effin movie that had Gary Busey in it. It was his first PG movie. Stir Crazy was his first R movie, he was 10 and his brother was 6. Bob has a “is it true?” for Dan. Is it true that if you sit too close to the TV you’ll need glasses? If it is true, did your eyes go bad because you were watching such a horrible TV back in the day? Dan thinks it’s all scare tactics. Bob throws out the theory that having a huge TV might actually be good for your eyes.

12:35 – Stars: The Stars kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a win last night. The Stars need to win out and hope that the Blackhawks get less than 3 points in 2 games against the Red Wings. Now to the mega-fail that was the Steve Ott Contest, the last contest that BaD Radio will ever do. They tried to reward a loyal listener instead of someone who was loyal to winning prizes. A lot of people had the correct answers and were instructed to find Tom at the AAC in his random location. Because this was an active contest, people are going to be upset if they don’t win, more than just calling in or sending in a text. Lots of loyal listeners got pissed. Tom was followed by a herd of people so Bob and Dan called an audible and Donovan go sit in the random seat. This all happened during an intermission, it was Bob and Dan’s second most memorable intermission, falling short of the intermission where they almost won the Mutts Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber on Ebay. Donovan had to make an executive decision as he was mobbed with people yelling answers at him. He picks the guy who yelled it first and tried to get out of the concourse without people noticing. It was a disaster. As a consolation, Grubes said he’d sign any napkin or samurai sword that people want signed.

1:00 – Things that Bob Discovered About the Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys must get their defense back to top tier and how do they do that? The cornerback play. By looking at the stats, Mike Jenkins was the worst Cowboys corner last year. Quarterback had a passer rating of 122 against Jenkins, arguably proving that he was the easiest cornerback to throw against in all the NFL.

1:15 – Bob’s Cowboy Chat: Bob recently did a Cowboys chat for the Dallas Morning News and one of the questions that came up was “the future of Marion Barber”. Bob’s response was that he doesn’t think he’ll be a Cowboy in 2011. Greg Rosenthal of Pro Football Talk, posted an article stating that Dallas’ Bob Sturm says that Marion Barber won’t be a Cowboy in 2011. It’s now on Jet’s Nation, Landry Hat, MSNBC, RotoWorld and others. This is the idiocracy of the internet. The line has been blurred between opinion and fact. This is where it ties into what Cuban has been saying about not letting internet reporters into the locker room. He feels like they’re not there to report, they’re there to get more page views. Whether it’s true or not, the timing of this outburst is very questionable seeing how the Mavericks are playing.

1:40 – Audio: There is a clip of basketball announcer Doris Burke saying “douche” instead of “deuce” during the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship and a news clip of the uproar in Palestine, TX over the removal of the Confederate Flag from the courthouse flag pole. Race stuff.

2:00 – NBA News: Allen Iverson made the news after going on a tirade to Atlanta cops after Linkgetting pulled over for changing lanes without signaling. Story here.

2:15 - Steve Ott Show: Otter joins the show from Denver and with the desperation level on high the Stars have put together a nice little run to keep them in the playoff hunt. Adam Burish is back in the lineup but is not on Steve Ott’s line as he was before the injury. They’re just trying to maintain the momentum they’ve created. Ott says that when it comes to playoff bonuses, the CBA has taken away most of the playoff bonuses and allocated it to all players. The exception is if you win the Stanley Cup. It’s a tiered system when it comes to how much the playoff players get. Dan wants to play “Is it Bullsh”. Razor said that Ott’s parents are in town for their wedding anniversary. This is true. Steve is going to send them to the Bahama’s, it’ll be their first trip. Both his parents were in the military for 25 years and he grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot in the Canadian Air Force. The Steve Ott fact of the day.

2:40 – Screenless: Bob is going on vacation next week and it’s been his wife’s dream to see all the Big 10 spring football games…anyway, here are some videos. Do you want this guy’s job? These guys are insane in the membrane. Scariest thing to happen to you in a car.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day 1974, Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth’s record. Happy Birthday to Gary Carter, John Havlicek, Patricia Arquette, Betty Ford, Steve Howe, Julian Lennon, John Schneider, Robin Wright and Biz Markie. Spares include Terry Porter, Timo Perez and Jim Lampley. RIP Catfish Hunter, Ford Frick and Ryan White.

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