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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/26/11

Tuesday 4/26/11

Episode: 2922

Location: Studio

The Mix: ::missed it::

The Open: “Take it off slowly…Yes, that pleases me.” Bob had a thought last night during the Mavs game, and he needs someone who has the nerve to ask anyone a question. Someone needs to ask Gerald Wallace why he’s holding on to the corn rows because he is balding big time – as is Coolio. Dan is going to the Charlie Sheen Comedy Show at the AAC tomorrow. Bob’s excuse for not going, he wants to be the “curious guy who wasn’t in attendance”. Bob is still not convinced that the Mavericks have dominated this series.

12:35 – Cowboys Press Conference: It was long, it was Jerry rambling, it was more than likely a pre-draft smoke screen. Not much to report.

1:20 – Mavs Game: The Mavs pulled away in the second half of the game after a slow first and second quarter. It caused some to worry early on that the Mavs hadn’t recovered from their 4th quarter collapse in game 4. Tyson Chandler put his stamp on this game with 14 points and 20 rebounds. The Mavs ADS last night was at 11ft, which shows that they were aggressive in taking the ball to the basket.

1:40 – More Mavs: The whole broadcast was full of “aggressive”. Donovan noticed that the crowd was ready to turn on Dallas; it took until there were 45 seconds left in the game for them to really buy in. That is nothing new in Dallas; we are not in a one sport town.

2:00 – More Mavs Talk: Only in basketball do the referees affect the game to such a great degree. Phone call: Do you attribute the lack of crowd participation to the type of people living in Dallas or to the fact that the Mavs have burned the fans for the past 10 years? Dan noticed Jerry Jones’ grandson had floor seats last night. Phone call: He thinks that the refs in basketball are the cockiest of all the sports. Would you rather be a fan of the Mavs in the 90s (with no expectations) or the Mavs of the 2000s (constantly broken hearts)?

2:20 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers lost last night as Colby Lewis gave up 6 runs in the 5th inning and the Rangers never recovered, losing 6-4. Jose Bautista hit another home run for the Blue Jays and since 2010 he has the most home runs in all of baseball. Jim Knox interviewed some old ladies who love Tom Grieve, Rhads notices that they were double-fisting beers.

2:40 – Ranch Report: David Moore is back on the scene. The lockout has been reversed but players were still denied access to the facilities – many of them actually showing up and being turned away. Regarding the draft, David thinks there will be a plateau of 4 players at #9. Meaning the Cowboys could trade down if they wanted to and still get a player that they like; it is doubtful that they move down though. David and Bob agree that the 4 players on their plateau are on the Offensive Line and Defensive End. Prepare yourselves Cowboys fans, you might not recognize the name.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1968, the US exploded a nuclear device underground in Nevada. Also, Chernobyl happened. Happy Birthday to Marco Rivera, Carol Burnett, Kevin James, Roger Taylor and Blackzilla versus Manaconda. Spares include Curtis Wilkerson, Bill Willington, Rodney Monroe, Amos Otis. RIP Rudolph Hess, Irene Ryan and Gypsy Rose Lee.

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