Monday, January 31, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 1/31/11

Friday 1/31/11

Episode: 2861

Location: Radio Row

The Mix: People with walkie-talkies are saying that Roger Staubach is in the building. The mix is over.

The Open: If you’re pressed into duty for Scotland, would you fight or would you run? Live from Super Bowl XLV Radio Row. Day 21 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. BaD Radio is already on stand-by mode, waiting for Roger Staubach to join the show. Naturally they talk about sneaking their piece into the media center and drinking Norm’s open water.

12:20 – Roger Staubach: The open was cut short as Captain America himself, Roger Staubach, joins BaD Radio. Concerning getting ready for a Super Bowl as a quarterback, Roger says that basically it is the same as it was when he was a quarterback; film prep, game plan installation, etc. But the media portion is something that he can’t really relate to. Roger discusses how he won the Super Bowl MVP award instead of Duane Thomas because the voters were not sure how Thomas would react at the trophy presentation; Thomas refused to talk to the media all year. As one of the top guys in the North Texas Super Bowl committee he says he has been constantly asked for tickets throughout the whole process. Donovan is still proud that he intercepted Roger Staubach in the Old Timers Quarterback Bowl.

12:40 – Bob’s 30 seconds on Egypt; gas prices are expected to rise due to the conflict in Egypt. All Americans are being instructed to leave. Dan’s thoughts: Egypt is the one with pyramids right? Back to Roger Staubach, is this guy really 68? He is truly a superhero.

12:55 - The guys talk about how being on Radio Row provides some awkward situations with multitudes of representatives coming up and asking if the show wants to have a certain player/coach/former player, etc. on to talk. Not everyone gets on the show. Over the weekend, Bob took his family down to the Stockyards and to Sundance Square, where ESPN is setting up shop. Weather talk is taking over and bleeds into Super Bowl in New York talk. Cold. Rain. Snow. Wind. There, all covered.

1:20 – Corby sits down with Bob and Dan, and Dan tells a story of a friend of his who got scammed on Facebook concerning tickets to the Super Bowl; he’s a die-hard Packers fan. Don’t Western Union money anywhere. Dan is curious how the $20 million in economic impact to Arlington is calculated.

1:35 – Donny Anderson: The former Green Bay Packer and Texas Tech great joins the show. A current Dallas resident, Donny grew up near Amarillo and lived the “small town Texas football” life. He was a football Jack-of-all-Trades; he threw, ran, caught and even punted but he could never block. There used to be a rule in the NCAA that you could only substitute 2 players on 4th down; as a punter, he revolutionized the art of “hang time”. In the famous Ice Bowl, Donny says that the quarterback sneak by Bart Starr wasn’t the called play. Donny has an event March 15th check out the event info.

2:05 – Bob refused to watch the Pro Bowl, as it signals the end of football is nigh. Sports Sturm also did not watch the NHL All-Star game or the team draft. The final guy picked in the All-Star draft won a free car. I would’ve wanted to get picked last in elementary school if that was always the case. We all agree that Randy White could beat up Bob; at what age would Randy White have to be so Bob could beat him up? Donovan thinks when Bob is 75 and Randy White is 95.

2:20 – Bob talks about the Herschel Walker MMA fight on Saturday; he handily defeated his opponent. In 1980, he should have won the Heisman Trophy; in 2011, he’s winning MMA fights. Is he arguably the greatest athlete ever? It’s believed that he never lifts weights and the he eats only 1 meal a day; a salad at midnight.

2:35 – Norm had some interesting audio this morning as he tried to get George Atallah on the phone for an interview, 1 try, 2 tries, 3 tries, 4 tries later Norm gives up and resorts to Pro Bowl talk. This was a very Kip Keino-esque moment for Norm. Some inaudible audio from Jeremy Piven, it’s the Rapistbergers versus the Cheese heads. He’s the first one ever to say that…

3:00 – WTDS: More effing weather talk. On this day in 1960, NASA launched Ham the chimp. Happy Birthday to Nolan Ryan, Ernie Banks, Bret “the Hitman” Hart, Boobs of Hazard 2, Who would win a fight between Staubach and Nolan Ryan? Phil Collins, Portia de Rossi, Minnie Driver. Spares include, Othella Harrington and Perry Kemp.

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