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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/10/11

Monday 1/10/11

Episode: 2846

Location: Studio

The Mix: Norm brags about picking LSU at the polls and he asks if TCU will pass the loser of tonight’s game between Oregon and Auburn in the final poll. Norm has a present for Dan; a little piece of Cleveland sports memorabilia, the Cleveland Browns team photo from 1996 (they didn’t have a team).

The Open: We can correctly say that Bob and Dan are in heat. Day 6 of Dan in a Suit Flipbook. Donovan comes out and says that Cam Newton will make a good NFL Tight End. Donovan then dives head first into a story about going to a funeral on Saturday. After the service, everyone heads back to eat. As the food is being served, one eager gentleman, obviously caught up in the moment, decides to pop the question to his girlfriend – at her grandmother’s funeral! Bad form.

12:35 – NFL Playoff Talk: Seahawks vs Saints. The Seahawks were the only team to hold serve at home as Matt Hasselback had the game of his life, but this game could back the argument that the Seahawks, at 7-9, should not have hosted a home game. Nevertheless, Marshawn Lynch went into Beast Mode. Jets vs Colts. After the Cowboys beat the Colts, the Colts run D seemed to be exposed. The Jets obviously paid attention and it set former Cowboy’s kicker Nick Folk up for the game winning field goal.

12:55 – More NFL Playoff Talk: Ravens vs Chiefs. As the Ravens handled the Chiefs, one player stood out, Chiefs’ Running Back Jamaal Charles – a player that was passed up by Dallas. He can’t win a spelling bee but he can average 6.38 yards per carry – slightly less than the NFL record held by Jim Brown. Packers vs Eagles. What initially looked like a Packers runaway victory turned into a game that was decided by a Michael Vick INT with less than a minute left, a seemingly forced throw on 1st down. There will be no NFC East team coming to Dallas for the Super Bowl in February.

1:20 – Aggressniff: First, we start out with some audio in which either Joe Buck or Troy Aikman, it’s hard to tell, makes a jab at Andy Reid’s weight. The sports world uses the word “aggressiveness” very aggressively within a given broadcast, yet it has become one of the more difficult words to say. Mike Mayock now joins this illustrious panel. Audio here.

1:40 – Ray Sherman Talk: With the departure of WR’s coach Ray Sherman, the show looks at possible meanings of it. Is Jason Garrett wielding his newly acquired power as Head Coach? This is all theory: Dec. 2008, reports were streaming in that Witten and Romo were drawing up plays behind the WRs back – including T.O. Idiocracy. There was a divided locker room. Ray Sherman’s role in this embarrassing ordeal from 2 years ago could have possibly played a factor in his being let go; Garrett might not have liked the fact that Sherman did nothing to quell the situation, as the coach of the WRs. This lends belief to the argument that Garrett has control of the coaching staff and he is making moves to let go of coaches who do not exhibit loyalty to the head coach.

2:00 – More Ray Sherman Talk: The guys continue to look at the release of Ray Sherman and how this move could put some backing to Jerry letting Garrett pick his own staff. A big deal, but should it be a big deal? Isn’t it common sense that a coach should be able to pick his own coaching staff? Will Garrett’s ability to call plays get better or worse now that he has the responsibility of head coach, or was he “forced” to make certain calls because of personnel or lack thereof?

2:15 – Jamie Langenbrunner: Former and now current Dallas Star Jamie Langenbrunner joins the show. He reflects on his former time in Dallas and says it was a tough time for him when he found out he was being traded; that was in the past and he’s happy to be back. Jamie expands on his broader skill set that he developed in New Jersey and the veteran leadership that he now brings to a young Stars team. He says that the travel within the Western Conference is a something to get used to. I leave you with this, more Steve Ott.

2:40 – Is It Racist: Dan’s new segment for the new year needs an open and he wants to do it live. The Tampa Bay Rays recently traded pitcher Matt Garza to the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Sun-Times AND the Daily Herald ran a full page picture and story about Matt Garza; except the picture is of Joaquin Benoit. They all look the same right?

3:00 – WTDS: In 1901, the Lucas Gusher sparked the Texas Oil Boom, I drink your milkshake. Happy Birthday to George Foreman, Willie McCovey, Glen “Big Dog” Robinson, Pat Benetar, Donald Fagen, Little Red Rides the Hood, Linda Lovelace, Doug E. Doug, Janet Jones and Rod Stewart. Sparely sparely I say unto you, Harry Gant, Bobby Rahal, Hollis Thomas. RIP to Paul Lynd.

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