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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/27/11

Thursday 1/27/11

Episode: 2859

Location: Studio

The Mix: Hi, Norm. Bye, Norm. This will be a cheerleader free Super Bowl because the Steelers and Packers are eye-candy free teams. Also, Phyllis from The Office was a former NFL cheerleader. Yeah…I know.

The Open: All this medical technology and we can’t even fix a horse’s bones? Day 19 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. More NFL cheerleader talk (scratching head). Now marriage contract talk; Dan pines for a day when he can see couples sign marriage contracts that can be renewed or dropped after 10 years. It would keep spouses from mailing it in on the fitness side.

12:40 – Troy Aikman Talk: On the heels of a recent D Magazine story on the former Cowboys Quarterback. Bob talks about the idea that, though Troy is one of the more recognizable people in Dallas and a Cowboys legend, no one really knows the real Troy Aikman. Troy basically had the perfect career; he elevated his play in the most important games, he retired as a Cowboy and had perfect timing in getting his broadcasting job. There’s no one like Troy. It’s a very interesting and in-depth article; give it a read.

1:00 – Homer Call: Two lucky calls will advance to the next round of the playoffs -- The Finals. Boston High School Football makes its way down south and into the finals with this call. Go to the 3 minute mark. Joining the Beantown Crew will be this call made during a Maryland Field Hockey match.

1:20 – Short Segment: While Bob was watching some Senior Bowl workouts, the booth threw it down to a “sideline” reporter and she says “Guys, I have nothing. Sorry to disappoint.” Idiocracy. And here is audio of a little girl who was terribly distraught that the Bears lost against the Packers.

1:30 – Deion “Primetime” Sanders: The late, the great Deion Sanders joins BaD Radio again to produce some audio gold. Deion and Snoop Dogg are teaming up to host the Snooper Bowl, a youth football tournament held around the Super Bowl. Deion has a great idea and needs Bob and Dan’s help; He’s hosting a star studded party at his home and needs help raising money and would like BaD Radio to broadcast live from the party. We’ll see if management will let this happen. Deion, in order to be prepared for a possible Hall of Fame induction, called upon Emmitt Smith to give him some insight on what to expect, the nuance of whole presentation.

1:55 – More Primetime: Deion sticks around to talk about “Woodcock” and working with the guys on the NFL Network. He says that they don’t rehearse anything on the highlights show and they’re just a bunch of guys up there loving what they do and having fun. It’s obvious. Referencing the Jay Cutler situation, Deion says “perception is, he quit; reality is, he may have been hurt”. He is emphatic about the point that perception and reality is more often than not completely different. The perception of Deion was that he avoided tackling; the reality is it never hurt his team. Many players have been hurt but visibly showed that they wanted to go back in the game, thus giving a better perception to the fans. We never got to see the injury or Cutler begging to get back in the game so the perception was that he quit. Dan wants to see Deion’s toe. Here’s confirmation that the toe picture was not doctored. Deion’s Toe live in studio.

2:30 - More on Deion’s Toe: There was some perception late in his career that he was a wimp because of “Turf Toe”. Turf Toe is one of the most misunderstood injuries in all of sports; it’s one of the more painful injuries out there and is a game ender for anyone at a speed position. Thanks Dan for peer pressuring Prime Time into showing the toe to world. In other news, Tom’s middle name is Frederick. The more you know.

2:40 – Ranch Report: David Moore, once again, joins the show from sunny Green Bay. Dan still has no idea what the point of David Moore being in Green Bay is. Patience Dan, there will be ample coverage of what David is doing starting Sunday. Regarding what “final say” when it comes to the draft means, Garrett doesn’t understand what the big fuss is about because the Head Coach always has the deciding vote. But everyone in the room gives their opinion and makes their case. David thinks at the Cowboys current draft standing, they should stay put and get either a) a cornerback or b) a defensive tackle, in that order.

3:00 – WTDS: Mike is broadcasting from a pedicure chair. On this day in 2001, 10 people died in a plane crash outside of Denver. One year ago today, the iPad was introduce by Steve Jobs and J.D. Sallinger died a year ago. Happy Birthday to Chris Collinsworth, Chocolate Gozongas, Dave Manson, Matt Stover, Bridget Fonda, Keith Olbermann, Patton Oswalt and Mimi Rogers. The spares would be Frank Cornett, Eric Wedge, Tom Trebelhorn and Phil Plantier.

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