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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/3/11

Monday 1/3/11

Episode: 2841

Location: Studio

The Mix: The first mix with Norm of the New Year starts with a little Adrian Beltre talk but quickly takes the exit off the main freeway into the suburbs of gift card talk. Norm knows one person in The Rolling Stones, “the guy with the big lips”.

The Open: When a problem comes along, you must “Zip IT”! With Bob’s sister bringing in the New Year with a birthday, the etiquette of sibling birthday is broken down. Texting is a no, a phone call is a must, gifts/cards are optional. It’s a good thing Dan upped his suit inventory last year seeing how he has repeated as the worst picker of football games and is regulated to suit duty until the Super Bowl. Stay tuned for the Dan in a Suit Flipbook.

12:35 – Cowboys Talk: Coming off a Cowboys season ending win against the 2nd and 3rd string Eagles, Dan thinks it was the worst win possible for the Cowboys; dropping them down in the draft. Being a difficult game to analyze, there is not much that can be learned about the Cowboys based off of this game. Bob and Dan disagree on the idea that Stephen McGee is a developmental QB for the Cowboys future. With Kitna being signed through 2013 at $2 million a year, did McGee’s performance yesterday warrant him becoming the 2nd string QB next year at a quarter of the price of Kitna?

12:55 – More Cowboys Talk: Though it was a difficult game to take any sort of knowledge from, segments must be filled. Dan backs up his theory that the Cowboys were trying to throw the game by looking at the number of targets Manny Johnson received. There were still some questionable decisions surrounding the kicking game; no on the 53 yarder, yes on the 52 yarder. Dan goes out on a limb and says the Cowboys secondary had a bad year. Can we all agree that the Cowboys version of the Wildcat (or The Tashard Choice Keeper) is a give up?

1:20 – Cowboys Big Picture: The first day of the offseason begins. Bob makes the argument that Jason Garrett has a tremendous amount of leverage against Jerry Jones after his “interim success” and with a litany of coaching jobs now open. Does Garrett demand full control in choosing his assistant coaching staff? If Garrett obtains a certain amount of control, how far will that control go? Might we see a shift in the former totalitarian structure of the Cowboys?

1:40 – Cowboys Phone Calls: A caller points out how Jerry Jones, in his book, contradicts himself by saying he would never suggest play calls then talks about he went down to the field and demanded Emmitt Smith gets more carries. The guys weigh the other possible options for the Cowboys coaching position. The main draw surrounding Gruden, Cowher and Fisher is that they would have leverage over Jerry Jones; this is why this week is very important for Garrett to properly use what leverage he has in order to get some serious stuff done if he is offered the job.

2:00 – New Years Talk: Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve is the topic of conversation. Jenny McCarthy makes her debut with ABC’s New Years Eve with a “meh” performance; she is basically the Andrea Kramer of New Years Eve. The Dick Clark audio is tough to listen to (3:25 mark) Bob wants to watch a daily Dick Clark Reality Show. There’s no wonder the local station chose to air the Big D NYE over the national ABC show.

2:20 – Texas Rangers Talk: The show jumps into some talk about the Rangers newest additions, Arthur Rhodes and Brandon Webb. The upside with Webb is extremely high when he is on his game. Early reports are trickling in that 3rd baseman Adrian Beltre is close to signing with the Rangers. The signing would move Michael Young to a DH role with spot starts in the infield. The controversy surrounding Beltre is thought that he is a “contract-year performer”. It’s hard not to think the Rangers might be guilty of being a little scorned about losing Cliff Lee and are on the verge of overpaying for a risky free agent. Regardless, don’t rub his head.

2:40 – The Great Thing About Racism: Bob had a controversial thought on the Cowboys Pre-Game show. If you are a racist in sports, you will not have success. The scoreboard is the ultimate regulator of racism in sports and that is something that other areas or sectors of business cannot provide. The Montreal Canadians dabbled with only signing French Canadians and that did not pay off for them. Is the Rooney Rule necessary in today’s NFL? It seems to have run its course as we come into an era in which the most qualified coach is hired.

3:00 – WTDS: How in the world did Corby fly from Pasadena to Tempe to support his two loves, TCU and OU? Mike’s new iPad. On this day OU won its 7th National Championship, Dan settles his Rooney Rule requirements by making a Nick Van Exel’s son joke, Jim Everett, Bobby Hull, Eli Manning, Cheryl Miller (Mike wouldn’t), Mel Gibson, Victoria Principal, the great Winnie Cooper. Don’t get spared to death by Buck Johnson , Willy T. Ribbs, no white Wendall’s. RIP J.R.R. Tolkein and Jack Ruby. Until tomorrow…I’ll be Enema Bound.

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