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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/26/11

Wednesday 1/26/11

Episode: 2858

Location: The Old No. 7 Club at the AAC

The Mix: Norm hands you a pacifier when you enter one of his parties. Getting tickets to the Super Bowl for others is like being in a plane, “Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others”.

The Open: Here is host of Ghetto Jeopardy…Donovan Lewis! Day 18 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. The PR rep from the Washington Capitals, Nate Ewell, who is the lone hater of 1920 Sports Reporter guy is leaving his job. He got ballyhooed.

12:35 – Mavs Talk: With the Clippers in town, the Mavericks came out looking ragged. Blake Griffin was a dominating force in the 1st half but then Brendan Haywood finally earned his paycheck with his physical play against The Griffin. The Mavericks red hot shooting in the 2nd half coupled with an arctic cold streak from the Clippers allowed the Mavs to pull ahead and never look back. Some thoughts to take away from the game; Blake Griffin is a complete player, not just a dunker. The Clippers are a team on the way up and the buzz is starting to catch on.

12:50 – Mark Cuban: The consummate MFFL/owner joins Bob and Dan for a sit down chat. On the Dirk injury, Cuban says it was important for him to come back and play himself into shape. Mark has created some waves amongst the BCS with his idea for a mid-season play in tournament. Check out the details on his blog. Post 1, 2, 3 and 4. In everything from MMA, owning an NBA team, the movie industry and the future of newspapers, Mark Cuban has proven to be a forward thinking mind that is not afraid to question the current establishment and offer up other options that enhance the experience and product for the customer. We are lucky to have him as the owner of the Mavericks.

1:30 – TiVo Talk: Was there a bigger buzzkill as a kid without cable (Dan), than the State of the Union address taking over every channel? Dan tells how as a kid he never had cable and vowed from that day forward to always have hundreds of channels to choose from. At the behest of Tim Cowlishaw, Bob took a chance on The Big Bang Theory, a CBS comedy. His review; he found himself laughing a few times but the over-the-top laughtrack is a deal breaker of epic proportions. CBS seems to be the only network that is still clinging to the horrible audio of random people giving you a cue to laugh. It’s a shame that CBS is the most watched network. Check out this interview with author Chuck Klosterman and his view of laughtracks.

1:50 – Dirk Interview: Like the State of the Union and birthdays, the Bob and Dan interview with Dirk Nowitzki comes along once a year. Today is that day. Dirk says that his knee is starting to respond a lot better and that he might have come back a little too soon but is good now. He agrees with Dan in the fact that a half court shot should be worth 4 points. Unlike a lot of foreign players, Dirk never had to leave home to play for a professional team in Germany; he played for the professional team in his hometown. He talks about his 2 months of boot camp he had to do in Germany; his feet stuck out the front of the tent and he had to wear a sweat suit because they didn’t have a uniform big enough for him. He goes on to say that he shopped around some other European teams and was recruited by tons of colleges (he visited Kentucky, Cal and Stanford) before making the decision to play in the NBA. He’s glad he made the decision to come over at a young age rather than come over when he was 25 or so; it’s easier to get the rookie treatment out of the way when you are young. He hasn’t been to a mall in Dallas in 10 years. Dan asks him if he dreams in German or English; German with some English mixed in. Classic Dan. Dirk obviously doesn’t want to talk about Nazi stuff that Dan brought up, but does say that he has heard some Nazi stuff from fans on the road. Dirk feels that he would love to stay in basketball when he retires eventually but doesn’t know in what aspect. Dirk asks Bob how long he’s been bald. Dirk berates Bob for liking Liverpool; Dirk is a huge soccer fan. Dirk to Dan, “Nice tie, buddy”. Brilliance.

2:40 – A Post-Dirk Segment: When you rate the “N-bombs”, both are right up there. Credit goes out to Dirk for handling it well and it is not a lie or fa├žade when Dirk says that he doesn’t see himself as a celebrity. He is the least pretentious person that makes $20 million a year. In Dan’s “Dirk vs Bob Basketball Hypothetical”; Dirk said he’d do it if it was Make-It-Take-It. Audio of Dirk joining the TV broadcast. Clip 1, 2 and 3. Click “Download MP3” at the bottom of the page and listen to it.

3:00 – WTDS: Would you draft a player in the first round if he was guaranteed to block one kick a game? Clay Matthews just signed a shampoo endorsement, much to the chagrin of Bob. Happy Birthday to Wayne Gretzky, Gary Molar, Bob Uecker, Eddie Van Halen, Ellen DeGeneres and Girth, Wind and Fire. Spares include; Gary Plummer, Jack Youngblood and Tim Pugh. RIP Paul Newman and Gene Siskel; as well as, Abner Doubleday and Paul “Bear” Bryant.

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