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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/5/11

Wednesday 1/5/11

Episode: 2843

Location: Studio

The Mix: A truncated mix with Norm as Bob lets him know that all Sports Food Groups will be covered today in the show. We’ll see how that pans out.

The Open: I’ve got my magnum condoms, my wad of hundreds…I’m ready to plowww. Day 3 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. Prepare yourself for a Beltre intensive broadcast as Bob and Dan look as some of the idiocracy of media headlines.

12:30 – MLB Hall of Fame Talk: With the impending announcement of the newest class of MLB Hall of Famers, the show looks at some stats that use to be a lock for the Hall of Fame. Rafael Palmeiro, because of his steroid tainted history, might not get a sniff at the prestigious club, despite his qualifying numbers. Batter’s that compare to Palmeiro as far as stats go, include: Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson, Mel Ott, Manny Ramirez and Fred McGriff. That is elite company.

1:00 – TiVo Talk: Before they dive into Pens Caps 24/7, the guys take a look at Michelle Tafoya’s post game question to Jim Harbaugh. He completely blows her off before she is able to ask to tough question of whether he’ll be back at Stanford. Dan has finally caught up on the first 3 episodes of 24/7, in anticipation for tonight’s last episode. Like the majority of people who have seen it, he is fascinated by the show and the behind the scenes detail that HBO documents; and finds the in game action to be the weakest part. Did you notice Ovechkin’s lower back tattoos?

1:40 – Adrian Beltre Press Conference: Jon Daniels starts out by saying the team is trying make additions that promote a balanced team with a team-first mentality. Daniels says that what Michael Young did to make the move to DH lines up with that team-first mentality. Adrian Beltre says that he is happy to be a Texas Ranger and the fact that the Rangers were a winning team last year made the decision easy. Michael Young will play DH and he’ll have an opportunity to play first base in spring training. Beltre will spend a majority of his time in the line-up batting cleanup, between Hamilton and Cruz.

2:15 – Mavs Talk: Coming off a comeback win at Portland with a handicapped team, the guys discuss the future of the Mavs. Stevenson has been playing well of late with his extended playing time. Bob breaks out his new ADS (which can be also seen on Bob’s Blog), and compares Stevenson to Butler, in order to find out if he can replace Butler moving forward. Is Roddy an untradeable piece of the puzzle? Donovan thinks no, but Bob is not sold on the idea that getting rid of him would be a good thing in return for what is out on the market. Dan agrees with both.

2:40 – Golden Audio: First of, Dan is turning into a gym rat (lunch pail term), with 2 trips this year to gym. His goal is to run a marathon’s worth of distance in an entire month. The show then looks at the story of the homeless man, Ted Williams, who is taking the internet by storm with his golden radio voice. They wax philosophical about the tendency of homeless men to have full heads of hair, and find out that the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered him a full-time voiceover job and a house. A great story.

3:00 – WTDS: A shout out to Mike Rhyner’s alma mater UTA! Dan has to leave early due to his mouth sores. Would you like to see Dan in a Green Man suit for a day? Happy Birthday to Alex English, Your Mom Tossed My Salad 5, Charlie Hough, Jean Jacques Taylor, The Ticket’s own Mercury Morris, Chuck Knoll and Robert Duvall. Dan peaces out for the spare birthdays which include Warrick Dunn, some French dude, Tim Kerr and Basil McCray. Sam Phillips was born today but is now dead as well as Superman George Reeves. Sonny Bono ran into a tree on this day and former POTUS Calvin Coolidge.

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