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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/7/11

Friday 1/7/11

Episode: 2845

Location: AAC for a Red Cross Blood Drive

The Mix: For the mix, Bob joins Norm via phone and Norm picks his brain about the Stars signing Jamie Langenbrunner. Norm says there is a big difference in hockey compared to other sports when it comes to free agents who are up in age. They’re obviously just trying to kill time.

The Open: The following takes place between 12 and 3 pm. Dear tiny baby Christmas Jesus, bless this show. Day 5 of Dan in a Suit Flipbook. Dan proposes a great question; does the Red Cross have any competitors? Gribble is the only one on the show how actually has an idea of what his bloodtype is, O something. Grubes is going to sneak into the Super Bowl in a backpack like Yoda.

12:40 – Cowboys: Bob and Dan look at the statement by Jerry Jones; Jason Garrett will have full control over all personnel and assistant coaches. Jerry appears to try and save face by saying it has always been that way, and that this is not a big change in his philosophy. There is evidence to support both sides of the argument. Jimmy, Parcells and Garrett had control; Gailey, Phillips and Campo seemingly did not.

12:50 – More Cowboys: After the press conference yesterday, Jerry stayed behind to answer some questions and soak up the moment a little more. Jerry continues to reiterate that Garrett will have final say in the picking of all coaches and personnel. Garrett was hand-picked for the job by Jerry in 2007; this could be the reason that Jerry is giving him all the power as opposed to some of the previous coaches in the Cowboys history. With this responsibility, only time will tell if Garrett has the skill and knowledge to make the right decision when it comes to evaluating talent. A copy of the transcript is here.

1:20 – The Steve Ott Show: The Stars center joins the show for his first installment of the New Year. Steve Ott weighs in on the Jamie Langenbrunner signing; he thinks it should be an easy transition seeing that Langenbrunner has a history with Dallas. He should bring a solid leadership presence to a young club. Some final 24/7 Pens Caps talk. Dan wonders if the Stars have any sort of pre or post game rituals. The Stars have a sarcastic “Warrior Award” that gets presented to the player with the softest injury that they have to play through. Some of the injuries include a scratch on the face or a busted lip. A higher level of comedy, certainly. Listen to the Audio here, courtesy of the Dallas Stars.

1:40 – Stars Talk: Sean Avery makes his return to Dallas tonight. One of the worst moves in Dallas Stars history was bringing in Avery, seeing that Dallas still owes him $8 million while only playing 23 games. Good job Brett Hull. Here is an interesting article that was the focus of this segment. Tune in tonight to The Ticket for all Stars coverage.

2:00 – Stephen McGee: Former Aggie Stephen McGee joins the show and speaks very well of new coach Jason Garrett (as to be expected). McGee addresses his lack of time in practice with the first team receivers; very common when you’re a 3rd string quarterback. This is the reason for more targets going the way of Manny Johnson and Jesse Holley, as opposed to Miles and Witten. It’s all about chemistry. McGee says that along with the NFL being faster, it is also smarter when it comes to pre-snap disguises and schemes. He threw a perfect deep ball to Bob…

2:25 – Audio of the Week/Screenless: Is it fact or fiction that ducks killed themselves when Boise State put in the infamous blue field, thinking it was a pond. Tom confirms this urban legend. The Audio of the Week is -- as to be expected -- Homeless Golden Voice. As the show goes Screenless, this recap will also go “Screenless”, so here are some links that have nothing to do with the show. Enjoy. Wiffle Ball Madness. The best song of 2010. And an epic eggroll.

3:00 – WTDS: You like the Doors? Tom is Jim Morrison. A co-ed joins the show (she’s drunk) and she’ll care for your kids one day. She got hit in the stomach by a Phillies foul ball once. Happy Birthday to Donald Brashear, Eddie LeBaron, Nicolas Cage, Erin Gray, Butt Man’s Bend Over Babes and Kenny Loggins. Spares are Jeff Montgomery, Jeff Pearlman, Todd Day and Scott Galbraith.

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