Monday, January 17, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 1/17/11

Monday 1/17/11

Episode: 2851

Location: Studio

The Mix: Unlike Norm and BaD Radio, you should not mix grocery store logs with real logs in a fireplace.

The Open: Happy Martin Luther King Day. Can anyone on the show name the Detroit Pistons coach? Not without looking it up. Day 11 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. Are you aware of the Arizona MLK/Super Bowl controversy? Dan chose the Jets/Patriots game as his “watch it like a Cowboys’ game” of the week. In order to avoid the game he takes the family on a trip to Macaroni Grill, we find the genesis of Dan’s Restaurant Etiquette; passive aggressive mom leads to passive aggressniff Dan. Something about Oedipus and emails. Almost completely making it through the night without seeing the score, Dan “saw” a headline saying the Patriots and Steelers will play next week. This triggers a sequence of emotions that Shakespeare would have trouble putting into words. Much to Dan’s confusion, the Jets beat the Patriots and Dan’s meandering story serves as a launching point to the next segment. I’m sure that was the goal all along…

12:40 – NFL Playoff Talk: There are 5 quarterbacks who are tied for career playoff road wins, the record is 4. The quarterbacks are; Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco, Jake Delhomme, Lynn Dawson and Roger Staubach. Some very interesting data considering some of the great QBs in history have struggled on the road; Aikman (1-3), Marino (1-6), Steve Young (0-3), Peyton Manning (2-5), Joe Montana (2-5). Dan argues that assigning wins and losses on the quarterback is the wrong thing to do. If Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl, it will the longest drought between Super Bowl wins for a quarterback.

1:00 – More NFL Playoff Talk: Bob must remain humble as his Packers have a great chance to go to the Super Bowl here in Dallas, which he will be attending; Packers tattoo and all. Dan and Donovan obviously try to get Bob to jump offsides and explode with excitement about the Packers, by talking extremely highly of Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. Bob is walking on sunshine.

1:20 – More More NFL Playoff Talk: Ravens/Steelers. Through 3 quarters, the Ravens didn’t deserve to be in the game at that point; less than 100 yards of offense. Yet, they found themselves in prime position to win the game. During a punt return that ended in a touchdown, a Steelers player took a dive that induced a holding call; thus nullifying a touchdown that would have made the game 28-24 -- Ravens. Big Ben answered with a bomb to Antonio Brown, which led to the game winning touchdown. A big drop by T.J. Houshmandzadeh sealed the Baltimore Ravens fate. All 4 games this past weekend were repeats of regular season games, all with different outcomes this time around.

1:40 – Even More NFL Playoff Talk: Bart Scott unleashed an emotional tirade after the Jets’ win over the Patriots. Dan proclaims that Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are the worst #1 broadcast team in football. Here are some stats that may or may not back that up. Yes, they really have stats on Sports Broadcasters.

1:55 – Donovan’s MLK Game: “Why the Hell Do We Have the Day Off?” In this Who Wants to Be a Millionaire style game, Donovan pits Bob against Dan; fully stacked with lifelines to help them along the way (or blifelines).

Question 1 to Dan: What’s the name of the church where MLK preached in Atlanta? Dan guesses A) Atlanta Baptist Church. WRONG. Bob guess wrong as well.

Question 2 to Bob: Where was MLK born? Bob reaches for the blifeline known as Kesha. A) Bus Station, B) Hospital, C) Car, D) Family Home. Bob goes against his lifeline and guesses Family Home. Ding Ding Ding! Correct.

Question 3 to Dan: MLK was excellent at these activities; A) baseball and cooking, B) hunting and basketball, C) hockey and swimming, D) dancing and basketball. LaShonda and Dan collaborate and guess incorrectly, the correct answer is D) dancing and basketball.

Question 4 to Bob: What’s the name of the famous leader who inspired the Love not War beliefs by MLK? A) Mother Theresa, B) Dalai Lama, C) the 23rd Pope, D) Ghandi. Bob guesses Dalai Lama and Dan guesses Ghandi; Dan is correct. They both miss the tie-breaker. Donovan is the real winner today!

2:30 – Cowboys and Tom Audio: The Cowboys have unofficially reached an agreement with Rob Ryan as Defensive Coordinator. A few reasons to hire Ryan as DC; he utilizes an aggressive, attacking, fast and balls to the wall defense; he’s a bold personality which should be a nice contrast to Jason Garrett; Ryan will definitely not be afraid or hesitant to light a fire under a player or call them out in order to motivate. Now some audio from Tom Gribble; this is TCU audio of Libby Wright, presenting some Rose Bowl accolades to TCU. She has trouble with the echo and delay of speaking in a big arena. Strugggggglinggggg. Compare this audio to another classic meltdown.

3:00 – WTDS: In 1989, a drifter killed 5 kids and then himself. In 1915, the Naps became the Cleveland Indians. In 1988, Jeremiah Castille stripped the ball from Ernest Byner and the Broncos beat the Browns. Thanks for all the Cleveland history, Dan. Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali, Kip Keno, Baby Does the Shaft, Jim Carrey, David Caruso, Steve Harvey, James Earl Jones, Kid Rock, and Michelle Obama. Some spares include; Chili Davis and Derrick Mason.

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Wes Bullard

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