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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/6/11

Thursday 1/6/11

Episode: 2844

Location: Studio

The Mix: It’s obvious that Donovan is not on Antwan Jamison’s Christmas Card list. Norm thinks Bob and Dan control their show like a piece of the Dallas Cowboys Doomsday Defense; Norm is old.

The Open: Mike Leech is a fan of Kegel’s Steakhouse for a nice casual first date, they don’t have much salad. Today is the 4th installment of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. If you would have played the numbers from LOST in the most recent Power Ball, you would have won $150. You could buy a few meals at Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack. In case you missed it, here is the library of Ted Williams’s mug shots, the homeless man with the golden voice.

12:35 – Cowboys Commentary: In lieu of interviewee Todd Bowles saying that he is still hoping to get the Head Coaching job after his interview with Jerry Jones, Bob has an issue with the way Jerry is handling the filling of the available coaching job. There needs to be a proper chain of command when it comes to a coaching staff in football; by not allowing your head coach to choose his own coaching staff, you are setting a foundation of assistant coaches not wanting to work for their head coach but rather wanting to work for the head coach’s job. This could also be a case of Jerry just bringing in Todd Bowles as an overcompensation of the Rooney Rule, with no real intention of hiring him for ANY coaching position. Only time will tell.

1:00 – Homer Call: The Homer Call Playoffs are upon us and the cream of the broadcasting crop competes to advance into the next round. In a landslide, the call for the winning goal in a shootout for the Jesuit Rangers moves on to the next round.

1:30 – Garret Press Conference: The Dallas Cowboys have officially announced that Jason Garrett is the new head coach of America’s Team. Jerry Jones says, “Jason has the final say on his staff and there won't be a player on the team that Jason does not agree with.” A promising start for the upcoming years.

2:00 – Donovan’s Bit: Let me sum up Dave Ramsey’s show. Don’t spend more than you make. Now onto Dale Hansen and Pete Delkus; after Hansen was told to be more like Delkus, Hansen jabs back with “…and in my efforts to be more like Pete Delkus, I’m getting my hairpiece tomorrow.” This made Donovan question whether or not Delkus is rocking the hair carpet. Bob uses his finely tuned Baldar (Bald Radar) and thinks that the evidence shows that Delkus’s hair is fully rooted in his head.

2:30 – Cotton Bowl Ticket Give-Away: The show has a contest for tickets to the Cotton Bowl matchup between Texas A&M and LSU. Will vs. Ryan. The rules are as follows: The contestants alternate between old audio clips and the contestant must fill in the missing part of the clip, if they can’t get it right; the other person has a chance to steal. Ryan threw in the towel after Will jumped out to a commanding 2-0 lead, by hanging up. Will wins the tickets to the Cotton Bowl.

3:00 – WTDS: Tonya Harding went all Louisville Slugger on Nancy Kerrigan’s knee on this day. Happy Birthday to Paul Azinger, Norm Charlton, Lou “The Lisp” Holtz, Howie Long, Nancy Lopez-Knight, Filled to the Rim 6, Gabrielle Reece, Joey Lauren Adams, Rowan Atkinson. Spares include Keenan McCardell, Sean Landeta, Charles Haley, James “Potsy” Farrior.

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Wes Bullard

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