Thursday, January 13, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 1/13/11

Thursday 1/13/11

Episode: 2849

Location: Studio

The Open: Brilliance. Wouldn’t you rather have a shirt made by small children hoping for food, they put their heart into that shirt? Day 9 of Dan in a Suit Flipbook. Is Dan’s tie racist? More on this later. It’s the birthday of “the Geico Pothole” Pick up your phone!!

12:35 – Deion Sanders: The late the great Deion “Prime Time” Sanders joins Bob, Dan and Donny and talks about the Snooper Bowl that he is hosting. Prime Time thinks that so far, the Cowboys have made the right moves in the offseason so far. “Humpty didn’t fall, he was pushed.” Deion says that his “scary” teams still in the playoffs are Baltimore and Green Bay; Deion would never bet against Brady, unless the weather is bad. Unfortunately, Deion never said aggressiveness. Maybe next time.

12:55 – Homer Call Playoffs: Another round of Wild Card entries, one will move on and join Jesuit in the next round. Southwestern Oklahoma State versus Southeastern Oklahoma State advance.

1:15 – Mavericks Talk: Dallas is coming off a loss to the once impossibly-white Indiana Pacers and the show looks at some different reasons for this recent swoon. Dirk’s status for MVP is growing with each game that he misses; the team, as it is right now, is a borderline lottery team. This is not a team that can create its own shot in the half-court and Dirk’s injury should not be used as an excuse but it is evident how greatly this team relies on him.

1:35 – Joe Nieuwendyk: The Stars’ GM joins Bob and Dan in studio. They exchange some pleasantries such as state of the family, what the kids are up to, where is the Conn Smyth trophy, etc. Unlike a lot of young Canadian players, Joe didn’t leave home until he came to the U.S. to play college hockey at Cornell. The skate to the subject of Jamie Benn and how a guy with his talent slid to the 5th round; amateur scouting is a tough part of the GM job.

1:50 – More Joe Nieuwendyk: A second segment with Joe Nieuwendyk in the studio. Dan brings up weather and how the cold makes Joe feel right at home. Weather talk… They discuss some of the key off-season moves made by the GM; Modano and Turco leaving were some of the harder decision. He goes on to say that having the team mindset was priority number one and backed that up by bring in Jamie Langenbrunner last week.

2:20 –Dan’s News: Eagles’ Fans Destroy Packers’ Fan’s Cars. Somewhere Tom is jumping up and down while eating a cheesesteak. Bob tells a story of old Chicago Stadium, located in a rough part of Chicago. After you park, a young group of kids would charge you $10 to “protect” your car -- in other words, $10 not to mess with your car. And then there is this story of Brett Favre’s meth lab making sister, Brandi Favre.

2:30 – Ranch Report: David Moore joins the show and wants to play some Whiskey Laser Tag. More defensive coordinator talk with Vic Fangio and Greg Manusky being the center of discussion. The report is interrupted by a call to Dayci the Geico Pothole, David is just here to sit in the corner and listen. They recruit her for a second season of Fantasy Football; she hopes for a better showing than last place.

3:00 – WTDS: Mike’s autobiography is titled, “I Liked It More When We Were All Nizzles”. In 1794, two stars were added to the flag. Dan claims to have no Cheech and Chong experience (they were not the stars added). “There’s plenty of hot GILF out there!” Happy Birthday to the Forsch Brothers who each threw a no-hitter, Down the Hatch 13, Kevin Mitchell, Bam Morris, Mark O’Meara, McDreamy, Nicole Eggert, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rip Taylor. Spares today include; Kent Hull. RIP Ted Demme

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