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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/4/11

Tuesday 1/4/11

Episode: 2842

Location: Studio

The Mix: This mix is full of nipple talk. Chaffing, aggravation of nipples, nipple transplants. What would you take from Norm, his nose or his nips?

The Open: Make up your mind and set a time, because Dan makes a damned joke out of everything! Here is entry number 2 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. Dan berates the great T.C. about spending his Christmas money on surround sound. The guys open a gift from avid listener, Brad C., only to find a ceramic tiny giraffe.

12:30 – NFL Playoff Talk: The focus is the new NFL Playoff Overtime Rule. With teams winning the toss having a 14-13 record in the postseason, is this rule really necessary? With half of the games in the first round featuring a team with the better record on the road, are you in favor of a re-seeding of all the playoff teams once the regular season is over?

12:55 – Jason Witten: The Cowboys Tight End joins the show for his first show of the year but last show of the season. After taking a few weeks off, Jason says he’ll start getting back into the workout routine. The guys then get Jason’s take on the Garrett situation, his support lies with the ginger coach. Dan asks about Jason’s reaction to Garrett’s shove to chest following the game winning touchdown on Sunday. He goes on to say that he doesn’t mind the 18-game schedule. This was another great year by the Pro-Bowler, we’re truly lucky to have him on the Cowboys.

1:20 – Texas Rangers: As the Rangers near closer to signing 3rd baseman, the Angels could be countering this signing by inking Vlad Guerrero to a deal. Consistent with yesterday, Bob thinks that the Rangers have some money that is burning a hole in their pocket; concerning the Beltre signing.

1:35 – More Rangers: The guys breakdown the situation surrounding Michael Young saying he would be willing to move to DH and other infield positions if Beltre is signed. Bob, Dan and Donovan aren’t buying the spin that is being put on this after looking back to when Michael Young demanded a trade when he was asked to move to 3rd. Dan does a little investigative reporting, via Google, in order to take a closer look at The Great Adrian Beltre Head-Rub. That could be a ticking time bomb on a team like the Rangers.

2:00 – Gay or Not Gay: Intern Mike asks if the “: )” emoticon is gay for a man to comment on another man’s Facebook status update? Verdict. Super Gay. In one of the gayest things to date, choosing to not play in a basketball because you refuse to take off your wedding ring and responding to ref with “It’s a commitment, man!” Is it gay for a man to apply body lotion to his butt cheeks, post-shower? Donovan says no, but he might have an “Ashy Exception”. And finally, is it gay for a fan to yell at other fans to get sit down during “Kiss Cam”? (BREAKING NEWS: Caron Butler is out for the year with a torn patellar tendon.) Dan is a “Kiss Cam” apologist.

2:15 – Lunch Pail: The guys revisit a bit where they take a look at the veiled announcer racial references that happen in every broadcast. The focus of this edition is the 2010 Heisman Trophy Show. Based on Chris Fowler’s description of each of the 4 candidates, is it possible to pick the race of each player? 1) Improvisation, exuberance for football, full arsenal of skills. 2) Presence in the classroom, great knowledge. 3) Quiet, unassuming, baby-faced, marksmanship, QB brain. 4) Fast-twitch phenom, escaping, razor-sharp cuts, dangerous in space. The results are: Black, White, White, Black.

2:35 – Ranch Report: David Moore joins the show and the guys ask if the Cowboys were one of the reasons for the Rooney Rule when hiring Parcells. David says the rule was already in place at that time. After Ray Sherman’s 3 hour interview today, it’s all but done concerning signing Garrett. The Cowboys are tossing around the idea of bringing in some other coaches to interview with no real intention of becoming head coach but could be looked at for assistant coaching positions. David also says that Jerry will defer to the head coach when the head coach is articulate, clear and confident in what he wants; all 3 describe Garrett.

3:00 – WTDS: How Native-American are you? Corby broke his resolution of using the word “gay”, thanks Bon Jovi for making that happen. Bob is confused as to which Asian country is good at calculus. Garrison Hearst was born today as well as Johnny Lujack and Don Shula. First Class Euro Slut 3, a special call to Lisa, Tom Gribble’s birthday happened over the vacation, Dan wonders if Belinda once had to stay in the Houston Astrodome. Dave Foley, Michael Stipe (from REMeh). Look in your trunk for spares Joe Klein, Cliff Livingston, Jackie Harris, Tito Fuentes and David Toms. Sir Isaac Newton and Jacob Grimm, as well as Ernest Goes to Camp star and Crying Indian, Iron Eyes Cody.

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