Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 1/11/11

Tuesday 1/11/11

Episode: 2847

Location: Studio

The Mix: Dan pranks Mike Sirois after Mike left his email open; a strongly worded email to Cat always does the trick. Donovan wants his nickname to be either Stank or Cookie.

The Open: Another day of earnin’ and burnin’, snappin’ necks and cashin’ checks. Day 7 of Dan in a Suit Flipbook (plus Norm in a sweater). We get the word that Bob went to Best Buy to go purchase his 4th HD tv, which jump starts the show into 3D tv discussion. Is it great enough for you go spend all the money on the glasses or are you satisfied with tv the way it is?

12:40 – National Championship: The guys hit on some of the high and low points of the game. The idiocracy of Oregon’s uniforms, teams playing sloppily due to having 5 weeks off, Brent Musberger “this is for all the Tostitos”, and the ridiculous nature of the college football offense.

1:00 – Darryl “Moose” Johnston: Cowboy’s legend Darryl Johnston stops down to discuss the current state of the Cowboys. He likes the hire of Jason Garrett due to his ability to change to culture and mindset of the team in mid-season, a hard task to accomplish. He believes it is important for the head coach to have to the ability and guts to cut a player mid-season, something Wade Phillips could not do. Moose also thinks that a player doesn’t necessarily need to like his coach but he has to respect him; something that has seemingly been confused as of late.

1:20 – Short Segment: In this truncated segment, Bob and Dan discuss the possibility of Jim Thome joining the Rangers. Would you want to possibly add Thome and Beltre to the middle of the lineup while losing Vlad? It seems like a good deal, at the right price.

1:30 – BCS Audio: One thing the BCS National Championship game provided was tons of audio gold, which BaD Radio graciously shares with you. Audio coming soon.

1:55 – Gay Not Gay: In this edition of Gay or Not Gay, we find out if a man asking his table at lunch if they need a refill of their drink is gay. The consensus is yes, though this one is definitely up for debate. Is asking your girlfriend to pause the Bachelor so you and your buddy can discuss the hot chicks, gay? Yes. Yes it is. Is it gay to sit in your car while you pump your gas? You may feel weird, but it’s not gay. And finally, is it gay to watch yourself in the mirror while you do the most unholiest of deeds to yourself? Unequivocally, yes!

2:20 – Cowboys Talk: Back to the Ray Sherman situation. It boils down to Garrett wanting guys on his staff that have his back and will remain loyal until the end. Do you hire coaches that will be friends with the players or will play the bad cop? We’re introduced to “Keep It Real Thursday” where receivers meet every Thursday to get everything off their chest; it was run by Ray Sherman. This is another reason why a head coach should be able to hire his own assistant coaches.

2:40 – Ranch Report: David Moore joins the show and lets us know that former Cowboy, Dan Campbell, is on the premises, presumably being looked at for an assistant coaching position. They weigh the pros and cons of possibly having Paul Pasqualoni as the Defensive Coordinator. The turnovers went up, but the points allowed went up as well. David Moore’s prediction is that Paul will stay with the organization but not as DC. The optimum choice would be Dom Capers, but chances are he won’t leave Green Bay.

3:00 – WTDS: If you’re going #2 there, you’re really confused. Amelia Earhart started her voyage across the Pacific on this day and Denver’s John Elway engineered “The Drive” against Dan’s Cleveland Browns. Happy Birthday to Darryl Dawkins, Ben Crenshaw, Mary J. Blige, Kim Coles, Naomi Judd, Amanda Peet, Sex Secrets of the Yeti. Your spares included, Brett Bodine, Chris Ford, Richmond Webb and Pope Don Paul.

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