Friday, January 14, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 1/14/11

Friday 1/14/11

Episode: 2850

Location: Studio

The Mix: Bob needs to brush up on his women and animals sports. Some fun is made at the expense of the two winners that got to sit in the studio for Norm’s show. @tweetgrubes is quaffed and Norm likes Green Bay as a double play. Too bad Paul the Octopus is not around to reverse the curse.

The Open: Did anybody Brown Out at Guy’s Night Out last night? A little Guy’s Night Out talk to start the show; Dan relives a tale of getting owned at a party. He got “Sharpie’d”. “You have to get the silver sharpie for Donovan.” Dan starts talking about the book “Googled” and the perks of working at Google. Bob also recommends the book “Lone Survivor”. Check it out.

12:40 – Rob Ryan Talk: As word is spreading that Rob Ryan is in talks with the Cowboys about becoming the Defensive Coordinator, Bob and Dan take a deeper look into the possibility. What he lacks in resume, he makes up for in pedigree. He’s never had stellar players under his lead, but where do you draw the line when it comes to whether the coach or players should get the credit/blame. He’s a “Ryan” and he’s worked under Belichick; two great points that show he is a leader of men. It should be an interesting interview today.

1:00 – NFL Talk: A great weekend of football is upon us and BaD Radio wax philosophical about the upcoming matchups. The Seahawks/Bears game is one that sparks some interest; a rematch of the regular season, a surprising Seahawks D against a shaky Bears O-line, but the Bears at home in the weather. The Packers/Atlanta game is shaping up to be a good one with the line now at Atlanta (-2.5). Matt Ryan vs Aaron Rodgers, this game could come down to the team that scores last. Steelers/Ravens could possibly be the best game of the weekend. Old-school football, lots of injury timeouts and big plays; great football. Jets/Patriots – more on this later.

1:15 – Steve Ott: The great Steve Ott joins the show and gives Bob and Dan some insight into what he’s done with his 3 days off. They had a workout at the Star’s center in Farmers Branch and he described it as cold. Seems obvious. His dad, every winter, would take the water hose out and water the backyard until he had a rink built. Oh, Canada. He goes on to say that Sean Avery returning to Dallas did not create a lot of buzz in the locker room; unlike the buzz that was created by the media. Ott reiterates that the Langenbrunner addition is a great one for this team. Stephane Robidas now wields the Warrior Sword.

1:35 – Jets/Patriots: First some audio, THIS IS RIDICULOUS. And here is some Wes Welker audio in which he references “feet” or “foot” 11 times in his press conference. A deadpan performance by Welker; taking a shot a Rex Ryan and his foot fetish.

2:00 – Ask Sports Sturm: In this addition, Bob addresses the Stars’ attendance issue this year. They are down 13.5% from last year, a very large number. League wide, the NHL is at 91% capacity for the year and the NBA is at 89%; we could be a tipping point where the price of tickets plus the number of teams in a city, coupled with the average person’s economic state, is a reason for the low numbers. Of the lowest 11 teams in attendance in the NHL, 10 of them are in “warm weather cities”. On the whole, NBA attendance is doing worse than the NHL.

2:15 – Donovan’s Movie Review: In another edition of “White People Movies Donovan has Never Seen”; Spinal Tap, Caddyshack, Top Gun, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Wayne’s World, Fargo, Gladiator, Goodfellas and the Godfather (the top 10, from 10 to 1). Fight Club is the latest entry and Donovan says “Make room at the bottom of the list for Fight Club, I didn’t get it”. He only points out the funny parts, the “Bitch Tits” and “The water hose and the priest”. With Fight Club off the list, JAWS is the next movie to be reviewed. Dun Dun.

2:40 – Screenless: As is the case every Friday, the show ends the week by taking un-screened phonecalls and this recap provides you with some of the best videos on the internet. Enjoy. The worst sorority ever. The Best of Jerry Springer. This Parrot can dance better than you.

3:00 – WTDS: Happy Birthday to Terry Forster, Byron Leftwich, One in the Snapper One in the Crapper, Jason Bateman, Faye Dunaway, LL Cool J, Kyle Brady, Gibby Gilbert, I’m done with this. Time for the weekend.

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