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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/24/11

Monday 1/24/11

Episode: 2856

Location: Studio

The Mix: Norm dials in every phone number he calls from memory; I would be willing to bet that this is impossible for anyone under the age of 30.

The Open: Happy 17th Birthday to the Ticket! The songs worked! Another week, another Ticket personality flexes their Twitter muscle. The Ticket’s own Ty Walker got into a heated repartee with the Bears’ Chris Harris; all thanks to Twitter and Jay Cutler’s apparent lack of heart. Ladies and Gentleman, Ty Walker!

12:40 – Bob in Chicago: Bob gives a review of his visit to Chicago for the NFC Championship game. He ate dinner at a steakhouse and FOX Broadcaster and “Uncomfortable Camera Looker” Joe Buck was in the booth behind him. Chicago has a weird dynamic in regards to its football team; they have small city football passion in a big city. The mustache is not dead or ironic in Chicago. Bob loves BJ (Raji).

12:55 – NFC Championship Talk: After the Jay Cutler left the game on Sunday, social media criticism escalated to a point that no other athlete has ever seen. Was he really injured? Even if he was injured, did he show continued leadership? Cutler’s teammates had his back, as they should, but for dozens upon dozens of other NFL players to call Cutler out like that reveals more about how they felt about him before the injury. He’s not a very likable guy. You know?

1:20 – Even More NFL plus Audio: First done by the Chicago Blackhawks fans, cheering through the entire National Anthem has recently been adopted by the Chicago Bears fans. Do you like it, or find it offensive? Bob experienced a gay not gay in the airport on his way back. Two men, both wearing Bears jerseys, sitting next to one another, one starts rubbing the shoulder of the other, and helps him take off his jersey in the airport. Then they share a kiss.

1:40 – AFC Championship Talk: The Steelers are just the Steelers. This pains me to say, but they are the model franchise and will be going for their 7th Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLV. Physical, punishing football from the Steelers mixed with somewhat of a New England high from the Jets equated an opening drive of 9 minutes; completely demoralizing the Jets. You have to respect how the Steelers go about their business.

1:55 – Random Thoughts from Sunday: Media outlets are saying these Super Bowl teams are the 2 of the Cowboys’ biggest rivals; they’re just searching for a story. It was the Steelers vs. the Cowboys in the movie “Black Sunday”, a movie about the Super Bowl and terrorism. Would the NFL sign off on that in today’s world? Two incidents from Sunday: Mark Sanchez wiping a booger on Mark Brunell and Rashard Mendenhall dry humping Ben Roethlisberger.

2:20 – Movie Talk: Former Channel 8 movie aficionado Gary Cogill joins the show to give an update of what he’s been up to since leaving TV. He has started a movie production company named Lascaux and has some big news coming in the next 3 to 4 weeks; keep an eye on this. It’s always been his dream to make movies and now he’s taken the steps to make that happen. They dive into documentary talk and the profitability and backing that is required for one to succeed. We are now in the age of the documentary and low-budget flick.

2:35 – More Movie Talk: Continued discussion about the future and current state of movies. How much longer does the movie industry continue to delegate sole rights to a movie theater before the movie goes to DVD? We might be approaching a time when movies get released to DVD and the movie theaters simultaneously. The availability of documentaries through online sources is changing the face of how people watch movies. Some greats include: Restrepo, Exit Through the Gift Shop, My Kid Could Paint That and The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.

3:00 – WTDS: Skip Bayless was the first voice ever heard on The Ticket. Happy Birthday to Rob Dibble, Knee-Pad Nymphos 9, Mary Lou Retton, Neil Diamond, Ed Helms, Phil Lamarr, Ray Stevens. The spares would be Jerry Burns, Tim Stoddard and Chris Warren. RIP Jim Belushi.

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