Thursday, January 20, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 1/19/11

Thursday 1/20/11

Episode: 2854

Location: Savoye at Vitruvian Park

The Mix: John Rhadigan is the new play by play guy for the Texas Rangers TV broadcast; get your kneepads on.

The Open: I just hope we are in agreeance that this war should go away. Day 14 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. How about a hypothetical to start the show? Bob vs Dirk. 1 on 1. Game to 15. Can Bob make 3 points? If he wins, he trades houses with Dirk; if he loses, he must grow his hair out AND mow Dirk’s grass for a year with a push mower. There is no way he could score on Dirk.

12:35 – Mavs Talk: The Mavericks ended their 6 game losing streak with a win over the Lakers last night. Hot shooting, increased energy and some much needed defense all played a part in this good (not great) win. You must be cautious about looking too much into this win for the lone fact that the Mavericks had hot shooting nights from Terry, Kidd and Marion; though very capable of each having a big shooting impact on a game, it’s rare to have them all ‘on’ in one game. The guys start to discuss the Center Formerly Known As Brendan Haywood; he got his contract extension (mainly because the Mavericks had no other option at that point) and seemingly decided to mail in this season. This just reinforces the fact that Tyson Chandler is the biggest off-season acquisition for Dallas in a long time.

12:55 – Homer Call Playoffs: Find out who will join Jesuit and a lot of Oklahoma initials in the next round of these illustrious playoffs. Jacksonville vs. Arizona State college basketball moves on.

1:15 – Dan’s Suit Claim: Yesterday at 2:40pm, Dan flippantly claimed that if the Mavericks won last night he would “wear a suit for 5 years”. After some prodding by Bob via Twitter, Dan’s email was flooded last night with emails from P1s, questioning Dan’s integrity. Integrity is definitely something I think of when I think of Dan. Dan, in a stroke of genius, decides to double down by claiming that he will wear a suit for 10 years if the Packers lose and is clear of all debts if the Packers win; thus dragging Bob into this tangled web of casual claims.

1:35 – Charles Haley: HOF Candidate Charles Haley joins BaD Radio live at Vitruvian Park. Donovan’s frat brother gets some ribbing from Dan about allegations that Charles played the “Junk Game” back in the day. Dan and Charles then explain how differently they would react if some guy placed his junk on their shoulder; we’re off to a great start here. Charles agrees that “likeability” plays a small role in the Hall of Fame voting. The passion of this former Cowboys Defensive End comes through in this interview. It was all about winning to him and no matter the process or means of motivation, guys succeeded when they played with him.

1:55 – More Charles Haley: Charles Haley sticks around for a second segment with BaD Radio, and the sparkling chemistry between Dan and Charles is in full force. Charles is involved with an organization that builds playgrounds at the Salvation Army in Cedar Crest, the build is taking place Friday, March 11th contact the Salvation Army across from Roosevelt High School for more details. Charles goes on to explain that free agency was the biggest hindrance that prevented the Cowboys from winning more Super Bowls in the mid-90s. A great moment between Dan and Charles Haley.

2:20 – Random Segment: In this buffer segment, the guys reflect on the previous interview with Charles Haley. Meeting and interviewing players and big timers in sports has somewhat erased the “larger than life” persona that is acquired from watching them on Sundays.

2:35 – Ranch Report: David Moore says there is pretty much no change since Bob and Dan talked with him on Tuesday. Hudson Houck could possibly be on the way out as Offensive Line coach. Defensive Line and Linebackers coach are two spots that are still open for Rob Ryan to fill. Rob Ryan is being put into a situation that he has never been in; he now has an offense that can produce. In his time as a defensive coach, he’s only been on a team that had an offense that averaged more than 17 points, once. David thinks the Packers and Bears game will come down to who you can trust more, Rodgers or Cutler. He chooses, like most people have, the Packers.

3:00 – WTDS: Bob has found a small taste for Dos Equis, he’s now up to 2 a month. In 1942, the Germans decided to exterminate the Jews. Mike needs a little Monica in his life. Happy Birthday to Rich Gannon, Ozzie Guillen, Ron Harper, Mark Stepnoski, Mama Wants Some Whitey, Ian Hill, Lorezo Lamas, Some Old F*** Named Buzz Aldrin, David Lynch, Bill Mahr, Melissa Rivers and Rainn Wilson. Spares include Marvin Bernard, Nick “The Quick” Anderson, David Rivers, Terry Kirby and Milt Plum. RIP George Burns and Barbara Stanwyck.

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