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BaD Radio - Recap - 1/18/11

Tuesday 1/18/11

Episode: 2852

Location: Studio

The Mix: Norm is a bad Ma’afala and don’t let anyone tell you differently. In case you were wondering, there have only been 10 NFL players born in Alaska.

The Open: You fellas been doin’ a bit of boozin’ have ya? Suckin’ back on grandpa’s ol cough medicine? Day 12 of the Dan in a Suit Flipbook. This open goes out to all those serious-content Tweeters and Tweetettes out there. In the milestone of all milestones, Bob has finally reached 10,000 tweets. Not quite the Everest of Twitter; more like the Kilamanjaro. Sean Bass got some backlash for a serious tweet he sent out yesterday concerning MLK; some people only do bits.

12:40 - Mavs Talk: In the midst of a 6 game losing streak, 5 of which by double digits, BaD Radio take a look at this seemingly polarizing season. Despite having 2 of your best players out, this team, as it is assembled, still needs to be able to compete with the Milwaukees, Memphises and Detroits of the world. Thanks to a stat that Bob and a group have been working on, ADS (Average Distance Shot), the Mavericks’ ADS over the current losing streak is around 15 ft; while their opponents are at 10 ft per shot. The Mavericks miss Chandler on the defensive end and their offensive identity is getting further and further away from the basket; a proven recipe for a Mavericks 6 game losing streak.

1:00 – NFL Quick Hits: Dan and Donovan wonder if Aaron Rodgers is starting to grow out of his FIGJAMness; Bob is not so quick to take that title away from him. A video is out of FIGJAM snubbing a cancer patient who wanted an autograph; take a look at the video and see for yourself. Some context, he signed a jersey a week earlier for her and this wasn’t a big story until DeadSpin got their hands on it. Brett Favre also thinks the Packers are the best team left; read the email here and NO there are not pictures attached.

1:20 - BaD Radio Reports: Ignore it and you could die. In this world of 2 seasons, Football and Documentary, Bob reports on the latter; a documentary entitled God Grew Tired of Us. This 2006 Sundance Film Festival favorite tracks the exodus of three “Lost Boys of Sudan” as they escape the Sudanese wars and make their way to the United States.

1:35 – BaD Radio Reports cont’d: While the first half hour of “God Grew Tired of Us” lays the foundation and background of the wars and strife in Sudan, the last hour traces the boys acclamation to modern civilization. Basically, you’re taking people who have never experienced electricity, an airplane or a hamburger and throwing them into New York. Check out the trailer.

1:55 – Cowboys Talk: In a recent story by Calvin Watkins, a person in the Cowboys front office said that if the Cowboys were presented with a great offer for Dez Bryant, they would think about it. This is such a non-story that it is a shame that it is seeing the light of day. Of course if someone presented a “great offer” to the Cowboys, NO PLAYER would be “untouchable”. Dez isn’t going anywhere.

2:15 – Gay not Gay: Dear Gay not Gay, is it gay for a man to spend 3 hours at the DMV because he wasn’t happy with his picture? Verdict, yes. Horoscopes are super gay. Gay or not gay, using an avatar of a hot woman and engaging in creepy chat in order to get people to play an online game with him? I admire the lengths you go to, but that is gay. Sidebar, after a 60 Minutes special, Bob is aware of who the prime candidate to be an assassin at the studio. Gay or not gay, waving with both hands at your family who, as you were running, drove up beside you to cheer you on. Soooooo. Gay or not gay, Sean Bass telling Mark Followill that he looks good after Mark’s make-up woman was done with him. Not Gay.

2:35 - 5 Minute Major: This segment focus on some audio from the Stars game last night, as the Stars continue their red-hot streak. In a Razor Reaugh misspeak (0:20 mark) that hits a little too close to home to Bob Sturm, the player of focus also shares the last name Sturm; focus on what is on his back.

2:40 – Ranch Report: David Moore joins the show and waxes philosophical on the current Cowboys issues. It is all but official that Rob Ryan will be the Defensive Coordinator and he has some latitude in bringing in his defensive assistants. David believes this will bring a good blend of personalities to a Cowboys staff that lacked the ability to motivate players in the past few years. Some of the first questions Ryan will have to address would be whether or not he will utilize Ratliff at Nose Guard or will he bring in a bigger Nose Guard and move Ratliff to a Defensive End position.

3:00 – WTDS: Corby is not buying the fact that Superman settled for Margo Kidder. 10 years ago, Jesse Jackson admitted to having an affair and a daughter resulted out of it. Happy Birthday to Donovan’s baby sister, Ginger. Also, Brady Anderson, Dwayne Carswell, Mark Messier, Ted DiBiase, Black Bimbos in Heat, Pat Sullivan, Rick Arnett, Dave Attell, Kevin Costner, Jesse L. Martin, Jason Segel. Spares include Leo Araguz, Mike Lieberthal, Christian Fittipaldi. Born today now dead, Curt Flood. Al Davis looks like a burn victim.

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Wes Bullard

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