Friday, January 21, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 1/21/11

Friday 1/21/11

Episode: 2855

Location: Studio

The Mix: All 9 Ticket hosts vs Jay Ratliff (fighting for his life and his family’s life). Who would win?

The Open: BaD Radio, reporting for duty (ha, duty). The boys from Bad Radio receive a gift from the fine gentlemen at – no, it was not packed in coffee grounds. Grubeski. Bobski. Maybe he’ll wear it when he goes to see the Bears play at Soldier Field while he’s sitting with TC?

12:35 – NFL Playoffs: These NFL playoffs have reinforced the age old cliché of “Any Given Sunday”. At this point in the playoffs it’s asinine to hope for a certain team over another. No one gave the Jets a chance, yet they mowed through Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and have Ben Rothlisberger in their sights. If the Steelers win the Super Bowl this year they will have 3 Super Bowl titles since ’05; uncool. A little bit of dramatic irony, if the Bears would have won their last game of the season, Tampa Bay would have been in the playoffs rather than Green Bay.

12:55 – TiVo Jr: This Dan-centric segment focuses on American Idol. Allow me to sum it up for you; Steven Tyler looks like a tranny version of Steven Tyler, J-Lo is very hot and hates being mean to people and Randy Jackson (the former weakest link) is now the rock of the show. People sing. Some are good, most suck. Everybody misses Simon.

1:15 – Steve Ott Show: Steve Ott joins the show from Alberta, Canada. The Stars are in the midst of a very solid run, 15 of 16 possible points since the start of the new year. All 8 game win streaks aside, Dan wants to ask about a pre-game fight that almost happened. In a little bit of gamesmanship, Mike Ribeiro would “violate” the red line during pre-game warm-ups. It’s like when you’re riding in the backseat of your parents’ stationwagon and you and your sister get into a fight because you keep putting your hand onto “her side of the seat”. Sports!! Segment Audio here.

1:35 – 2000 All-Star Team Talk: Coming off a tough loss at Chicago last night, the Mavericks have some serious decisions to make; the most important being, should they sit Dirk for a few weeks until he is 100%? In the playoffs, 70% Dirk is acceptable in the playoffs, but there is no reason to have him out there in January. The Mavs are close to signing Peja Stojakovic; just what they need, a soft Euro jump shooter. Also, Manny Ramirez is in talks with joining the Texas Rangers. Do they really want Manny? All things being equal, who would you take, Manny or Vlad?

1:55 – Ask Sports Sturm: This addition has little to do with sports, unless you count Survivor and skateboarding as sports. Judson Birza, air-head surfer winner of the most recent Survivor, was recently arrested. Check out the video. It’s safe to say I would not trade financial portfolios with him. Bob soon goes from TMZ Sturm to Sports Sturm with a little study he’s been doing based on the claim that Dan made that it was ridiculous that Eric Spoelstra’s first coaching gig was with the Miami Heat. A couple of other coaches that have taken odd roads to get there; Eric Mangini and Brian Bellick are a few road less traveled examples.

2:20 – Songs to Bob: Dan and Donovan, with the best intentions at heart, attempt to pump Bob up for his trip to Chicago to watch the NFC Championship game. Listen to their songs here. I smell a Grammy!

2:35 – Screenless: This could be the greatest beer dispenser of all time. The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time. This guy is insane. Did this player really deserve a penalty?

3:00 – WTDS: Mike sunk Greggo’s battleship. On this day in 1921, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis became Commissioner of Baseball. Breaking news, Ditka is picking the Bears. Happy Birthday to Brian Giles, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Jack Nicklaus, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ranger Great Rusty Greer, Geena Davis, and Muff Bumpers 2. Spares include John Cheney, Dalton Hilliard and Grady Jackson.

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