Thursday, March 10, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/10/11

Thursday 3/10/11

Episode: 2889

Location: Studio

The Mix: Norm taught Dan’s girls how to tie a cherry stem with their tongue. That’s a good bit.

The Open: “Check out the big brain on Braaad” Today is the day where Donovan takes on the Cap’n Crunch Challenge. He’s attempting to eat a whole box (giggle). News from Baltimore, Snoop from The Wire has been arrested; in real life.

12:40 – Mavs Talk: The Mavericks had a disheartening defeat last night to the beleaguered New Orleans Hornets without Chris Paul. Having an 8 point lead with 2 minutes left, the Mavericks were unable to finish and it led Carlisle to call the team “soft”; a persona the Mavs have been trying to shed for many years.

1:00 – BaD Radio Reports: A little look at “Is It Racist?”. Little Rascals. The rumor that Bill Cosby bought all rights to the Little Rascals in order to keep it off the air is false. It was made in ‘20s to the ‘40s, so yes, there might be a tinge of racial inequality. Stymie (a little black kid) says, “I wish my Pappy was out of jail, I wish I had some chicken”. His little brother’s name was Cotton. Spanky says that he wishes Cotton was a monkey and goes on to say that “all he needs is a tail”. Is it a proper representation of society of the time? Yes. At the time, Little Rascals was well received by African-Americans; they finally were being able to be on tv.

Internet was down at my office. Have no idea what was going on during this segment.

1:55 – Mike Tyson on Ellen: He’s looking a lot better.

2:10 – Mike Tyson’s New Show: Mike has a new show on Animal Planet called Taking on Tyson; it’s about pigeon racing. Yes, pigeon racing. Narrated by Omar from The Wire, here are some clips. And here’s a breakdown of pigeon racing as a sport.

2:35 – Surprise from Surprise: Before we get to Evan, there is live coverage of a phone call to TC. He couldn’t make it to work today because he’s watching high school baseball; Josh Bell from Jesuit in particular. Now to Evan. It’s been a very quiet day in Surprise; C.J. Wilson is pitching a good game. Yesterday, Derek Holland pitched a gem of a game. Evan says he hasn’t seen a Rangers pitcher have that kind of outing since he’s been going to spring training. It’s starting to look like Feliz will stay in the bullpen.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1876, the first successful voice transmission was sent over a telephone. Happy Birthday to Joe Bugel, Austin Carr, Marcus Haynes, Ron Mix, Goo for Two, Edie Brickell, Jon Hamm, Chuck Norris, Shannon Tweed and Carrie Underwood. Spares are Mitch Gaylord, Mike Timlin, Tim McCormick and Rod Woodson. RIP to James Earl Ray, Harriet Tubman, Andy Gibb and Corey Haim.

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