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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/28/11

Monday 3/28/11

Episode: 2901

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Rich’s scouting report reads, ‘can drink a lot’”.

The Open: “I love watching Josh Howard play, he is awesome” Bob just saw The Office’s episode where Michael Scott made a movie, Threat Level: Midnight. He gives it a meh. The consensus is that when a show goes off the path to bring you a concept show, it’s not well received. Dan’s wife asked him if he was cheating on her. It was all based off of a phone call from Bob in which Dan said “how was your weekend”, extremely sarcastically. He then left the table to discuss Fantasy Baseball in his office.

12:40 – NCAA Tournament: First, at Pizza Inn in Lewisville, you can now get The Sturminator Pizza. Double cheese, pepperoni and mushroom. The Final Four now consists of Butler, VCU, Kentucky and UConn. The Final Four this year could be viewed like the Olympics or a Tiger-free Golf Major, if you give it your attention, you will not be disappointed but you really don’t have a rooting interest or knowledge of any of the participants. VCU vs Kansas: VCU jumped out early, leading by as much as 19. It seemed inevitable that Kansas would comeback; VCU weathered a second half surge by Kansas and won by 10. Dan wonders if you need a “name” in the National Championship game. It could be argued that the National Championship is going to be watched no matter what, but it doesn’t hurt to have a big name team in the game.

1:00 – Sports Audio from the Weekend: The first bit of audio is of Jim Nantz making a reference to The Situation. (Can’t find it anywhere). Here is some Gus Johnson audio from the Florida vs Butler game.

1:20 – More Audio: Dirk dropped a “MF” bomb in last night’s game against the Suns that was audible on the broadcast. Can’t find the audio anywhere. Dave Chappelle’s Racial Draft, the Asian Delegation selects the Wu Tang Clan. The sign off at the end, “Konnichiwa Bitches”, ties in to the U.S. soccer game over the weekend versus Argentina. The match was played in New York, they took a moment of silence before the game and when that moment of silence was over, someone in the crowd yells “Konnichiwa Bitches”. Here’s the audio.

1:40 - Rangers Talk: Neftali Feliz is the closer. Tommy Hunter is out for 6 weeks. Are these things that happen every year or is this year’s spring training magnified because the Rangers were in the World Series last season? In making the decision to have Feliz try to be a starter, the Rangers didn’t pursue an outside option to be the closer. No one stepped up to the plate so Feliz is back as the closer and Nolan Ryan has said that next year they will go after a closer and make Feliz a starter.

2:00 – Campout Audio: Go to the UnTicket website for complete audio of the Late Night Ticket. Yoda singing “Creep” by Radiohead is amazing. The show then takes a tangent, if you’re a frequent listener of the show, you’ll recall that Tom once interrupted a segment by Bob with a final score to a Texas Tech vs Texas A&M football game. The segment that Bob was sharing was that of music that he heard in a Guatemalan restaurant. The music was Jazz in the 90s, which features 90s popular music redone as jazz songs. He then plays some of the songs.

2:20 – Stars Talk: The Stars are in 10th place and 2 points out of a playoff spot. It’s starting to look bleak for our Dallas Stars. It’s hard to be mad or upset at the players that are making mistakes, they are bottom line players who have been thrust into high-minute situations. The stars are 2-13 without Adam Burish, and it seems like this team is built on a house of cards that his held together with bailing wire. We, as fans, were almost fooled into thinking this team is more talented than they are because of the intensity that they play with. But talent wins out throughout the course of the season.

2:40 – New Bit Alert: Every listener knows that Donovan has his movie reviews, now Dan is trying to get a new bit started where once a month the show watches a “sports movie” and reviews it.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1979, 3 Mile Island happened. Happy Birthday to Rick Berry, Jason Garrett, Jerry Sloan, Ken Howard, Cheryl “Salt” James, Lady GaGa, Reba McIntire, Teenage Peach Fuzz 5 and Vince Vaughn. Spares are Kevin Lockery, Keith Millard, Elliot Perry, Wesley Persons and Byron Scott. RIP Dwight David Eisenhower, Jim Thorpe and Johnny Evers.

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