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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/29/11

Tuesday 3/29/11

Episode: 2902

Location: Studio

The Mix: “I think we’re going to have to change the name of the Marquis hypothetical” - Bob

The Open: “We asked if you would eat at Fat Ho Burger and dozens of you have replied on our Facebook page.” Donovan and Rich have been filling in for Norm all week; hang in there Donnie. Dan calls for the ball and wants to dive into youth sports. He has a kid that is partaking in young girl’s softball for the first time. There are nearly as many coaches as players, it’s coach pitch, if the girl doesn’t hit any of the 3 coach pitches, a tee is set up. There aren’t any outs and the last batter gets to run around the bases, regardless of what happens in the field. It’s very enabling, whenever these kids see failure, they’ll cry.

12:40 – Dez Bryant: There needs to be a list compiled of all the small Dez Bryant stories. While it’s nothing as serious as OJ or Johnny Jolly (see below), these small stories are starting to add up. The outstanding debt/lawsuit count is up to over $800,000. He makes $1.1 million plus bonuses a year. He’s living an $8 million a year lifestyle. There are consultants in the NFL that help people with their money management, but it’s really basic stuff and it makes you wonder who needs that advice. Dez Bryant needs that advice.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay to order chocolate milk as a grown man? No. Is it gay to think that your cousin should have called you when he got in a relationship? Yes. Is it gay to take your future wife’s name when you get married? Yes. Is it gay to go to France? No. It’s for your honeymoon. Is it gay to play video games in the dark with your buddies? No.

1:20 – Watching Sports Movies: The idea behind this bit was to watch sports movies that were watched during childhood and see if they hold up. Today the movie is Hoosiers. It had been 20 years since Bob and Dan had seen it, they loved it the second time but it can definitely be picked apart. The process by which Norman Dale was hired, just being hired by the principal. There is a forced love story. Jimmy Chitwood would not play for the team since the former coach died.

1:40 – More Hoosiers: Dan has a major problem with the movie but there are some small “movie magic” things that take place. When the new coach shows up to practice, he’s late and the team is already practicing. The town drunk gets a chance to be the assistant coach, he shows up mid-game in the middle of a timeout. During the town hall meeting where they are trying to decide if the coach stays or goes and Jimmy Chitwood shows up mid-meeting with a basketball under his arm. He walks up to the front without any knowledge of what they were talking about and begins to talk to the town without missing a beat. Also, when it comes to the final shot, it doesn’t dawn on anyone to let Jimmy take the shot eventhough he hasn’t missed a shot during the entire movie.

2:00 – Bored Football Players: Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly was arrested for having 600g of liquid codeine, purple drank. This is his second offense and he is going to be behind bars for awhile. Aqib Talib of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is being accused of pistol-whipping and shooting at his sister’s boyfriend. He is cooperating with Texas police.

2:20 – Rangers Spring Training: Some guy from DeWalt tools named Charlie Smith joined Rhads and Tag in the booth during a Rangers spring training game. Rhads wonders what a tool is; it turns out to be a screwdriver. Regarding the screwdriver with lights on it, Tag says that he’ll use it late at night when he doesn’t want to wake his family up. Tag asks if these are tools that are designed to be easily used. “How did the Rangers making it to the World Series affect the partnership between DeWalt and the Rangers?” – Rhads. Talk about selling out.

2:40 – Surprise from Surprise (or wherever Evan Grant is located): He’s in home, house, Dallas. One of the last remnants from the Chuck Greenberg era is the game tonight in Mertyle Beach, South Carolina against Coastal Carolina University. They went from Arizona to South Carolina before coming home. A beating.

3:00 – WTDS: In 1987, Wrestlemania III happened. Happy Birthday to Jennifer Capriatti, Walt Frazier, Elle McPherson, Interracial Demolition, Kurt Thomas, Perry Farrel, Eric Idle, Bobby Kimball, Christopher Lambert, Lucy Lawless and Amy Sedaris. Spares include Chris Calloway, Eric Gunderson, Trevor Kid, Mike Kingery and Alex Ochoa. RIP to Billy Carter, Oscar Mayer, Mitch Hedberg.

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