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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/1/11

Tuesday 3/1/11

Episode: 2882

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Did Mr. and Mrs. Wes get together and name their son Vitamin?” - Norm

The Open: “Alcohol makes you text message young boys”. Part 1 Part 2

12:30 – Brad Richards: The great Brad Richards joins the show – Tom didn’t lose his number this time. He didn’t win the BaD Radio Fantasy Football Championship but his team won the Super Bowl. Back to hockey; Brad talks about the hit that has knocked him out of action for the past 3 weeks, calling it a “perfect storm” of a hit. Dan asks how much the concussion played into the trade negotiations. Brad says that it didn’t really get to the point where that would have been an issue. He goes on to say that he’ll keep his options open once free agency comes around, but Dallas will be the first team he listens to. If everything goes as planned, he should be in the lineup within the week. Despite what is reported on Wikipedia, he is not an accomplished pianist.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: What is the age limit for a grown to play in the snow and it be gay? Is it gay to create a Facebook page for a newborn baby? Yes. Is an Oscar watching party gay? No. Is it gay to make a mix cd for a buddy to workout to? Yes. Getting married during intermission of a hockey game. Not Gay. Wearing jerseys that say “Bride” and “Groom”? Gay. Is it gay to be in a photobooth with another dude? Pretty much.

1:20 – Quick Segment: This segment lasted about 5 minutes and was pretty much just banter about the NFL Combine. High Point: Tom Gribble can run a 5.6 40 yard dash (the fastest on the show).

1:30 – Jesse Holley: The winner of 4th and Long, Jesse Holley, joins the show in studio. He considers 4th and Long a blessing and is a former Wide Receiver at the University of North Carolina. He was supposed to come off the show, join the Cowboys for a week or so and then be cut in order to make room for a “real” player. His skill, commitment and usability have made him a useful piece in the Cowboys machine. Going into his final preseason game against Minnesota, he thought that he had to make a special teams play or two in order to make the team; he ended up returning a punt for a touchdown.

1:50 – More with Jesse Holley: He gives a lot of credit to Sam Hurd for helping/mentoring him in playing special teams. At North Carolina, he was anti-special teams. That all changed when he joined the Cowboys. “If I want to keep my jersey, I have to do something that the other guys won’t do.” – Jesse Holley on changing his mindset when he got his chance with the Cowboys. In Canada, he only played with the B.C. Lions for one week. He was getting paid less up in Canada then he was being on the practice squad with the Bengals. 4th and Long was contacting schools across the country and asking if they knew of any players that could play on Sunday and had on-camera charisma. They got Jesse Holley’s name and he had to get to the Orlando tryout on his own, while working at T-Mobile. This is an amazing journey. It went from 100,000 to 25,000 to 50 to 12 participants. After a free ticket to Orlando from his Grandma and free room and board from a family friend, the pieces were starting to fall into place.

2:40 – Surprise from Surprise: Evan Grant is watching another Spring Training game and he already seems beaten down. Netfali Feliz will get a start on Thursday in a split-squad game. Evan reports that Feliz has shown some confidence, but it is a hard slider and he needs to get a pitch that will slow a batter’s bat down. The idea behind the Frankie Francisco trade; the Rangers had too many “1 inning” guys and Frankie was the best trading piece. Keep an eye on Michael Kirkman as a sleeper.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 2011, I got to sit in during Why Today Doesn’t Suck. Happy Birthday to Justin Bieber and Throat Yogurt.

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