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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/30/11

Wednesday 3/30/11

Episode: 2903

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Everything does not have to be hate based, Donovan, like in your world.” - Dan

The Open: “The country I was speaking of earlier is pronounced Niger” Even after the Stars failed to get 2 points last night, Donovan says the Stars will make the playoffs and punctuates it with a cocky *sniff*. Tom is happy that the A&M lady’s basketball team is going to the Women’s Final Four. Bob says that women are more likely to tear their ACL than a man is, Dan’s theory: “Jug Weight”.

12:40 – Heat/Cavaliers: LeBron’s second trip to Cleveland, post-Decision, wasn’t as good for the Miami Heat as the first trip. LeBron took his own car, filled with this entourage, to the Cavaliers Arena. They let LeBron in but his entourage of 8 wasn’t allowed in. LeBron didn’t walk out for pre-game introductions and didn’t do his customary powder shower. Who will last longer in the playoffs, the Mavericks or the Heat?

1:00 – TiVo Talk: Dan and Donovan’s TV show de jour, Lights Out, has been cancelled. Shocker. Many shows that go by the way-side try to have a cliffhanger at the end of every episode in order to keep viewers coming back, The Wire on the other hand started out slow and picked up steam towards the end. Network shows are not allowed to have slow pacing in order to build up to a fulfilling climax. There’s a new show coming out called Camelot, in the same vein as the Tudors.

1:20 – NCAA Audio: Charles Barkley asks a question to Brad Stevens and Shelvin Mack from Butler, Kenny Anderson’s follow up question is the exact same question. Chuck calls him out on it. Then the segment follows the path of whether or not Brittney Griner is a woman or not. Yeah. It went there.

1:35 – The Tom Grieve Show: Rangers TV Broadcaster Tom Grieve joins Bob and Dan for his first show of the season. He’s on the phone from a golf course, his second favorite place on earth other than the Rangers Broadcast booth. This is his shortest off-season in his career as a player, GM and broadcaster. Tom says that it’s human nature to expect more out of the team after a successful season. He says that it is valid to be concerned about the back of the rotation, despite the fact that Holland and Harrison look better than previous years. The trepidation comes from the fact that neither of them are proven starters.

2:00 – NFL News: Aqib Talib is cooperating with police. Johnny Jolly was denied bail, and will remain in jail. Dez Bryant’s handler, David Wells (not THAT David Wells) is doing a WONDERFUL job and is describing Dez as being in a very dark place.

2:20 – Jaret Reddick: The Lead Singer of Bowling for Soup joins Bob and Dan in studio. He started out playing drums as a young kid, he played sports all through little league and the such. When it came to the age where you can decide what you want to play, he chose music. He has a rule in his house where his kids have to take piano lessons from age 5 to 10, they can pick whatever activity they want in the mean time but must remain with piano for 5 years. They’ll thank him later on. They start an acoustic tour in England starting tomorrow. Bowling for Soup initially signed with Jive Records, they were the first rock band on the label. They have since cut their ties with Jive. Getting into some copyright talk when it comes to songs and sampling. Covering a song is completely different, easier and cheaper than trying to use 3 seconds of a song as a sample beat for a song you’re creating. You have to pay for a sample, not for covering a song. Record labels have entire departments that listen to albums and see if there are any samples or anything that could be construed as such. Jaret also is the brainchild behind the theme song for the children’s show Phineas and Ferb; he also plays a character on the show. He just finished up the voicing for the Phineas and Ferb movie that will be coming out soon.

3:00 – On this day in 1981, President Reagan was shot. Happy Birthday to Joey Sindelar, Toby Gowin, Warren Beatty, Power Munch 2 and 3, Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, Celine Dion and MC Hammer. Now to the spares, Lomas Brown, Donna D’Errico, Paul Henderson and LaRue Martin. RIP Vincent van Gogh, Secretariat, and the Queen of England

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