Monday, March 21, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/18/11

Friday 3/18/11

Episode: 2895

Location: Studio

The Mix: “EWWWW that smellllll” - Everybody

The Open: “Are you saying Pan or Pam?” At the start of every 3rd period at Stars games, the Sean William Scott line “what’s the count, boys?” is played. Ever since the show has started to embrace the line, it doesn’t get played anymore. In lieu of Mayor Caraway suing the city to keep his domestic dispute out of the public, Bob claims that there is no need for local government.

12:40 – Stars Talk: The Stars dominated the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks 5-0 last night. But they don’t talk much Stars, they just talk about how they spent the game in a suite with their families.

1:00 – Ask Sports Sturm: Bob’s optimism for the Mavs is not present this season. Shunable Front Runners. The top of the tier front runners that should be ignored when it comes to sport talk. Bob’s list of teams that qualify. Yankees, Manchester United, Cowboys, Lakers, Duke and Detroit Red Wings. The ones that should be shunned are the fans that follow 2 of these teams and have no connection to any of them other than that they’ve won.

1:25 – Steve Ott: In his weekly show, Steve Ott joins BaD Radio. He is the team enforcer and has endeared himself as a favorite amongst the fan base. He’s not really bothered by the 2 game suspension to Danny Heatley for his hit on Ott because he’s a first time offender. Heatley has claimed that Ott was milking it. In reference to the heartbreaking loss to the Kings this past week, Bob wonders why Ott wasn’t on the ice for the final minute in which the Kings got the go-ahead goal. Short answer, Ott’s line was out there right before it and were sucking wind. It was just a freak occurrence that the Kings got that goal with a few seconds left.

1:45 – BaD Radio Reports Extra: In Bob’s efforts to digitalize every bit of audio he’s done for the radio station, he came across the Jay Mohr audio – one of the lost treasures due to the Enco crash. This makes Grubes’ pants happy. It took place in 2001 and Jay Mohr called Bob a homo.

2:00 – Jay Mohr Audio: The audio is of Jay Mohr’s interview with Bob and Dan a year after the Jay and Bob fight. I’ll try to get the audio.

2:15 – Basketball: Grant Hill wrote a letter to the NY Times as a response to Jalen Rose and what was said in the Fab Five documentary. The highlight is the sign off at the end of the letter “…and I’m glad I never lost a game to the Fab Five.” Now Jalen is saying that tattoos and length of shorts is getting out of hand, which is a little hypocritical.

2:40 – Screenless: If Super Mario was a first person shooter.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day some time ago, some Russian was the first guy in space. Happy Birthday to Bonnie Blair, Guy Carbonneau, Andre Rison, Irene Cara, Dane Cook, F.W. De Klerk, Are you Irish? Because my penis is DUBLIN, Love Me Love My Butt. No spares.

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