Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Youtube Scouting Episode #1

I want to make sure you have some level of familiarity with many of the names in this draft class that the Cowboys are linked to. Admittedly, this is dubious for a few reasons. First, because a player is linked with the Cowboys does not mean on any level that the Cowboys are actually interested in the player. Often times, it is deduction done by observers that somehow morphs into fact over the course of time - but never actually enters the discussion by the team itself because they don't feel he is what they have been seeking.

Second, in this silly season of rumoring and mis-direction, it actually benefits a team to blow smoke in one direction to gain a competitive advantage back in another direction. Sometimes, you want everyone to think you are in love with Player A, but are secretly hoping that nobody knows you are really in love with Player B.

Now that we realize how silly links to a team are, let's ignore all of that and give you some viewing material.

Youtube is a source for armchair scouting. Rest assured that teams don't actually use youtube to look at players. They get their game film (not available to you) and then go see them in person (likely also not available to you).

Personally, I have my hard drive packed with about 60 college games from last season to look at players myself, but even that is based on TV broadcasts and limited viewing. At most, I have 5 games for a player, and therefore feel shorthanded, but not totally clueless.

However, my living room is not big enough for everyone. And that means that you, the Cowboys fan, has to rely on limited information to assemble your thoughts for the draft.

And it is my hope to improve your viewing by at least 10% here with my first batch of youtube clips of some players of interest.

These youtube clips are put together quite well, and although they are not complete, they are better than what we used to have - a Street and Smith yearbook and nothing else.

I realize these are a scrap of information, but I also trust these clips more than I trust a writer who is going to tell you who can play and who can't from something he read or heard.

Trust those eyeballs!

Here are a few clips to get you through the day:

JJ Watt - DE - #99 vs Ohio State

JJ Watt - DE - #99 vs TCU

Tyron Smith - RT - #70 USC vs Cameron Jordan - DE - #97 - California

Nate Solder - LT - #78 - Colorado vs Cameron Jordan - DE - #97 - California

I have plenty of thoughts on these tapes, but rather than cloud your vision, leave comments below on what you like or don't like about the 5 names that have all been linked to the Cowboys in the 1st Round. Anxious to see who you like and who you don't.


shawn said...

Solder got schooled by a shorter, quicker guy--who got under his pads. Every guy he faces in the NFL will be able to do this. Scarrry...

ARSolar said...

Solder has good agility when he drops back in his stance during pass protection but its clear he struggles with his first step against the faster edge rushers.

You can tell Tyron Smith isnt going to pancake anyone, but he has good enough feet to get out in front and maintain his position in his block.