Thursday, March 17, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/17/11

Thursday 3/17/11

Episode: 2894

Location: Hooters

The Mix: “In my dream, the entire West Virginia team is the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.” - Bob

The Open: “I’m pretty sure at some point we all Browned Out”. Happy St. Patrick’s Day AND the start of the NCAA Tournament! In the hypothetical, if Clemson played the Whites of West Virginia, the Whites wouldn’t get across half court. If they did score, it would be Jessco with the bucket. Donovan wants to Stump the Sturm. Top 25 All Time Money Earned in the NBA. Dan and Bob alternate guesses. Dan loses when he guesses Michael Jordan. He didn’t crack the top 25.

12:40 – This Day in Sports History: One year ago today, SI released the story that Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine. It was hard to believe that he would make it to opening day as the manager, yet he took them to the World Series and has become endeared in the hearts of the Rangers fan base. It’s such a strange story that it would be hard to fictionalize it.

1:00 – BaD Radio Reports: Joining the show right now are Ronald Richardson and Jason Sturgeon, the guys who brought you this call. They have received national publicity over the call on SportsCenter, talk radio shows and Tosh.0. They both went to Batesville High School and both have sons on the team. They are HOMERS.

1:35 – Joe Nieuwendyk: Joe is back on the Ticket for the second time today, he was on with the Musers this morning. Joe is not happy about the lack of punishment that is being enforced on Danny Hetley’s hit on Steve Ott. He only received a 2 game suspension. It basically discredits all the talk the NHL has been saying about stiffer penalties. The way it’s governed now, the more severe the injury the greater the suspension. That’s something that needs to change.

1:55 – TC’s Uncle: Pat, the 100% Irishman, joins the show for a St. Patty’s Day phone call. He follows English league soccer and follows Manchester United, as does most of Ireland. Dan asks why potatoes are such an Irish stereotype. Pat says that it’s been a staple food for centuries, like rice to Asians. The famous Potato Famine was a driving force for immigration to the States. Dan jokes that Shaquille O’Neal is the most famous Irish athlete.

2:20 – Mavs Talk: The Mavs had a comeback victory against the Warriors, 112 – 106. Though the win seems impressive, the Mavs defense was atrocious and that doesn’t bode well for a playoff run.

2:40 – Surprise from Surprise: Ron Washington talk, he’s recovered quite nicely from his cocaine fiasco.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1897, Jim Corbett won a fight. Happy Birthday to Danny Ainge, Doyle King, Patrick Duffy, Say Aloha to My A-hola, Rob Lowe, Kurt Russell and Gary Sinise. Spares include Bill Mueller, Craig Ramsey and John Smiley. RIP Nat King Cole.

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