Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/22/11

Tuesday 3/22/11

Episode: 2897

Location: The AAC – The Old No. 7 Club

The Mix: They are having technical difficulties at the AAC, this should be interesting.

The Open: “Bow to your sensei!” “Break the wrist and walk away.” Dan and Donovan start out the show broadcasting from the women’s bathroom. They confuse a maxi-pad dispenser for a condom dispenser. Dan’s Jewish 70s Hollywood Conspiracy: The Fonz was played by a Jewish guy as well as the Mexican foe in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

12:40 – Stars Talk: Nick Grossman is more than likely out until the playoffs (if there are playoffs) with an MCL sprain. Karlis Skraskins caught a skate to the upper inner thigh and shouldn’t miss too much time. With a few days off, the Stars have moved to 9th place in the West, but they are only 3 points separating them from 5th place. Non-shootout victories are the top tie-breaker, which they lose to Anaheim – the 8th place team.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay to give up porn after having a baby girl because the girl you’re looking at was someone’s daughter one day? Kinda gay. Is it gay for Bob to end his Stars’ blog with Sheryl Crow lyrics? Definitely. Is it gay to check into Fashion Island via Facebook? Yes. Checking in on Facebook is so gay. Is it gay for a man to get a Nordstrom Credit Card for himself soley for the shopping benefits? Donovan says no, so I say no.

1:20 – Jason Terry: Jet joins Bob and Dan. He goes back on his claim that the Minnesota Timberwolves are a good team, a claim he made last month. Bob marvels that Jet has been able to keep his “spot” as the finisher at the end of the game. He doesn’t start but he is Option 1A or 1B, depending on where you put Dirk, when it comes to taking the final shot. Ever since high school he’s taken the responsibility of the final shot. He says that knowing he’s going to finish the game makes the fact that he doesn’t start that much easier. Terry usually misses the first 3 minutes or so of the game because he’s in the tunnel staying loose on the bike. Before Corey Brewer was signed, the Mavs had to clear it with Jet because Brewer unintentionally broke Jet’s orbital bone in a game. He wears a pair of opponents shorts the night before a game, his wife really likes his John Stockton shorts.

1:40 – Corey Brewer: The newest Maverick joins the show and he tells the guys that he learned a sport so he wouldn’t have to drive the tractor on the tobacco farm that his parents had. He’s from a small town in Tennessee. He had the nickname is college “The Drunken Dribbler” because he had some crazy drives that made his teammates wonder how he kept his balance. He went from the weather and winning in Florida to the cold and losing in Minnesota when he got drafted; it was a shocking realization. Here’s Corey Brewer dunking over Derek Fisher.

2:10 – Twitter Talk: The show tries to teach Dan the ins and outs of his new experiment into the Twitter world.

2:45 – Surprise from Surprise: This two day weather break that the Rangers are currently experiencing might actually be a good break before the season starts. Evan thinks that Feliz will be a closer from Day 1; not really because of how he’s pitched but because no one else has stepped up and proven that they can close. Mark Lowe’s spot on the roster is in question.

3:00 – WTDS: Happy Birthday to Shawn Bradley, Glen Allen Hill, Bob Costas, Russell Maryland, Matthew Modine, William Shatner, M. Emmet Walsh, Myth Magic and Mystery of Lesbian Sex and Reese Witherspoon. Spares are Marcus Camby, Luther Ellis and Joe Nedney.

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