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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/14/11

Monday 3/14/11

Episode: 2891

Location: Studio

The Mix: “The mob doesn’t call on Monday at noon.” - Norm

The Open: “Brooks, can you hear me? Brooks, can you hear me?” Donovan just got himself an iPhone 4; he’s got iPhone money and now has the best phone in the studio. Donovan got a text from Carlton; yes he does have a friend named Carlton. Bob got a call today from Jesus, his handyman. He walks across the pool to get to the filter, and then the segment goes wheels off. Then they get into Daylight Savings talk, I’m beaten down.

12:40 – NCAA Tournament: According to the Dallas Morning News, the Final Four will take place at “Deliant Stadium” in Houston and the Regional games will be at “The Alamodone”. Given his background, NCAA basketball should be right in Bob’s wheelhouse yet this is the only time of the year that he pays attention. Jay Bilas is calling this the weakest field ever. There are 5 teams with at least 14 losses, there have been 6 combined in previous years. It’s odd that some of the play-in games are not a play-in for the 16th seed but for the 11th and 12th seeds in some regions, very odd. Every game will be televised in its entirety for the first time ever.

1:00 – The Fab Five Documentary: ESPN has hit a home run with the 30 for 30 series and this most recent installment did not fail to entertain and inform. The thing about documentaries though is that it’s from the opinion of the filmmaker and not the God’s Honest Truth. Bob says, “I love the fact and I love the fiction of the story” and “There was about 53% fact in the story”. Seeing that this documentary was spear-headed by Jalen Rose; there was a lot of liberties taken with the facts.

1:20 – More Fab Five: Dan’s lasting impression of the Fab Five, “overhyped and underperformed”. Michigan never won a National Championship with the Fab Five, losing to Duke and North Carolina. The fact that “talking trash” was brought to fore front of culture by Michigan can be disputed. Bob says that Michigan combined UNLV, Miami, Jordan and The Piston Bad Boys’ bit and claimed it as their own. Regardless of whether or not they were the first to do anything or whether or not they underperformed, they made a cultural impact on a generation.

1:50 – Five Minute Major: Adam Burish of the Dallas Stars joins Bob and Dan on the phonelines; he’s in the midst of a “lower body injury” and is day to day. Burish’s style is one of reckless abandon so when he needs a few days off to get healthy, no one blinks an eye or questions his toughness. He’s taken a skate to the throat and a puck to the eye. Dude is a beast.

2:10 – Spring Break Talk: In a yearly bit, the guys are going to watch the Season Finale of the Bachelor. Good for them. They go on to talk about the fading trend of the staycation during Spring Break and they relive some of their more extreme spring breaks. Donovan always stayed in Dallas, Dan had a roadtrip where all of their money went to beer, acid, bread and mustard. Bob went to Ft. Lauderdale to watch Michael Jordan play baseball.

2:40 – Mavs Talk: Coming off a lose Saturday versus the Lakers, the Mavs failed to move ahead of the Lakers in the race for 2nd place in the West. Roddy B. looked a little overwhelmed and Shawn Marion took 20 shots; it looks like the Lakers are a tough matchup for Dallas. The Lakers ADS (Average Distance Shot) was 2 feet closer than the Mavs’; so if the Mavs aren’t hitting their shots, it’s hard to compete against a team that go dominate down low like the Lakers.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1794, the cotton gin was granted a patent. Happy Birthday to Kevin Brown, Larry Johnson, Wes Unseld, Michael Caine, Billy Crystal, Rick Dees, Taylor Hanson, My Daughter’s Effing Blackzilla 9, Penny Johnson, Quincy Jones and Chris Kline. Now to spares, Brent Gates, Antoine Smith, Darcy Wakaluk, Elvin Walton and Bob Charles. RIP to Albert Einstein and Karl Marx.

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