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Player Profile #27: Kyle Kosier

Kyle Kosier
Position: Guard
Size: 6'5, 305
Age: 32, 11/27/78
College: Arizona State
Drafted: San Francisco - Round 7, Pick 249 - 2002
Experience: 9 Seasons

Salary History and Contract Status - In 2006, the Cowboys signed Kosier from Detroit with a 5 year/$15 million contract that included a $5 million bonus. His deal expired at the end of 2010, and now, regardless of the new CBA is an unrestricted free agent.

2002 Draft Profile From 33rd Rated OL - Kyle Kosier - Guard/Tackle - Arizona State - 6'4 - 295 - 5.07 - Former defensive lineman who bulked up considerably over the years. A fairly tall right tackle with short arms for the position - may be better off inside - has experience at guard. Comes off a little high - not real explosive but keeps his legs driving at contact. Needs to do a better job of sustaining when working for position. Athletic. Has good speed and quickness but is a little mechanical blocking in space. Decent pass blocker. Has the ability to slide outside and protect the edge. Uses his hands well. Not a natural knee bender. Lacks a good feel for angles. Is quick footed but has some trouble with inside redirection. Needs to improve his overall strength. A long range type investment - is raw but has above average tools.

Pre-2010: When Kosier was signed by the Cowboys in 2006, there was much question about exactly who he was. After the Cowboys fans' figured that out, Kosier jumped into his home at Left Guard and started every game he was healthy for the next 5 seasons as the Cowboys had a record of 40-24 in his starts. In 3 of the years, Kosier stayed healthy, and the Cowboys made the playoffs each time (2006, 2007, 2009). The other 2 years, the Cowboys had to deal with replacements at LG, and the Cowboys went 6-10 in the 16 games without him. This is not to suggest that he is some elite guard that cannot be replaced. Rather, it is simply to state the fact that for reasons that are either because of his absence or because of the quality of his replacements - the Cowboys are just not very good when he misses. Otherwise, he has always been solid. In 2006, he had issues with pass protection (conceded 6 sacks), but in the 4 seasons since, he has only allowed 5.5 sacks combined.

2010: This was the type of year to make you wonder if Kyle Kosier's long career has made his body a potential injury breakdown waiting to happen. In August, he sprained his MCL causing him to miss most of camp and Week 1. In Week 3, he was rolled up on during a running play and had to leave the Houston game. He raced back from that injury and played very well in the Tennessee game and the first part of the Minnesota game before he was hurt yet again. He strained his achilles tendon and was unable to play again until Week 9 against Green Bay. Upon his return, you could still see he was playing hurt and his first several appearances back were not great. But, his final 6 starts were back to solid Kyle Kosier performances, with his well known pulling LG around the Right side on the "G-Power" plays that the Cowboys like to run. He gave up 1 sack in 849 snaps - Week 14 to Washington's Vonnie Holiday.

2011 Analysis: Like many of the veteran players on the Cowboys, you must look at this from two points of view. On one hand, he seems to be a player who has a body in decline and has many miles on the odometer. If he can't stay on the field, then you cannot invest in his future. On the other hand, his replacement is nowhere to be found on the roster and his play is good enough to make you question the wisdom of not re-signing him. The Cowboys were already reportedly in contract extension talks with him when the lockout began, so that seemed to indicate the direction they were thinking. Kosier is a solid competitor who generally plays at a reasonable level. You will want to be careful about how long a contract that you give him, but I would think with a holes in many spots, the Cowboys would love to sign him and then hope he can give them 16 starts. When he does, the Cowboys are usually pleased with the results.

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