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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/7/11

Monday 3/7/11

Episode: 2886

Location: Studio

The Mix: “We’re the meat.” - Donovan

The Open: “He smokes wiff cigarettes.” Check out the greatness that is Tom and Grubes on the front page of the Ticket website. Tom looks extremely comfortable with heavy artillery. In watching some weekend news on Channel 5, Dan is made aware of a local female sports reporter, Rontina McCann. Back in his sales rep days, Dan worked with a girl named Waynette. The point of the story – if you can call it that – is that when a family has all girls and the dad wants a boy, names like Rontina and Waynette are the product.

12:40 – NBA Talk: This week in LeBron. He once again was unable to close a game out for the Heat. The Heat have become stop-down viewing for Bob and Dan because of the intrigue and drama surrounding the “Super Team”. The Heat are 0-6 against the Celtics and the Bulls and equally as bad against the top teams from the Western Conference. Usually, the target is on a team after they have won a championship; in the case of the Heat, they self-applied the target before the season even started. With that target, the general public likes to see that target fail.

1:00 – NBA Audio: Some of the Heat players were crying in the locker room after the loss to the Lakers. The Mavs lost last night; that brings their record over the past 20 games to 18-2, with both losses coming on buzzer-beaters by the opponent. It’s nothing to get too concerned about.

1:20 – NCAA Audio: Pat Knight, son of Bob Knight, has been let go as head basketball coach at Texas Tech. Segway to Bob Knight talk. NCAA College Gameday was at Baylor on Saturday for the Texas v Baylor basketball game. Bob Knight dropped a “Chicken Sh*t” on the air.

1:40 – Bob the Soccer Dad: Bob’s son scored his first goal as a young soccer player. Bob needs to be the parent that revolts against the Parent Congratulation Tunnel that all the kids run through after the game.

2:00 – Charlie Sheen: The show addresses the Charlie Sheen phenomenon for the first time – their taking a break from hockey. Dan pulls some audio from Sheen’s U-stream show from the weekend, it was a fail.

2:20 – More Charlie Sheen: Here is the great Bill Hader’s Charlie Sheen impersonation on Saturday Night Live. Charlie’s bit is getting old and it will peter out very quickly.

2:45 – 5 Minute Major: The Stars play the Kings tonight at 9:30 on the Fox Sports Alternate Alternate Alternate. Jamie Benn has become arguably the most impactful forward on the Dallas Stars roster; a change from where he was at the beginning of the year. Every game moving forward is basically a playoff game with the Western Conference in a log jam.

3:00 – WTDS: Happy Birthday to Steve Beuerlein, Joe Carter, Billy Joe Dupree, Franco Harris, Jeff Kent, Lynn Swan, Jenna Fischer, Blackzilla vs Manaconda, John Heard, Wanda Sykes, Peter Wolf and Willard Scott. Now for the spares, Flipper Anderson, Matt London, Jeff Feagles, Sam Gash, Laterrell Green, Tyron Hill and Jeff Query. RIP to Tammy Faye Baker, John Herschel, Aristotle and James Bell.

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